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Family Based Immigration

Herman Legal Group is ready to help you manage the immigration process, reduce the stress, and maximize your opportunity for success. Contact us with marriage immigration questions or family immigration questions today.

Naturalization and Citizenship

Becoming a U.S. citizen – and therefore obtaining the right to legally reside in the United States, travel to and from the country, gain the right to vote, and be protected under the Constitution – can be a long and difficult process.

Deportations, Exclusion & Removal

Deportation and removal are extreme, frightening situations for any immigrant. If you fear that you will be deported or if deportation and removal proceedings have already begun against you or a loved one, then it is important that you act quickly to find an experienced immigration lawyer to defend your case.

Employment Based Immigration

Whether you are an employee or an employer, We can investigate any claim, determine whether any laws were violated, and represent you in court. We understand what’s at stake for you personally and professionally and will strive to help the law work on your side.

Student Visas, Study in USA

In order to study in the United States, you must first go through the process of obtaining a U.S. student visa. Your course of study and the type of school you plan to attend determines what type of visa you will need.

Other Non Immigration Services and Law

Our main area of practice is not only limited to immigration services. We can also help you in other services such as criminal defense, personal injury, divorce, business law and employment law.

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Passion for immigrants

Our honest and compassionate legal team offers a true understanding of the immigrant perspective. This includes a keen awareness of our clients’ cultures, values and beliefs.

Richard Herman

As the founder of Herman Legal Group, Richard is a nationally-known advocate for immigrant rights, highest-rated lawyer, author, and sought-out commentator on immigration.

12 languages spoken

We are well versed in several languages. Our ability to communicate fluently with clients gives us an edge in accurately obtaining facts and best representing clients in trial.

What our clients say

“Herman Legal Group’s team of attorneys are outstanding and are clearly one of the best in the field of immigration law, based on my experience…”

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  • Aggressive legal representation
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  • Several office locations in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, N. Carolina

About the Firm

Are you searching for an immigration attorney in Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Buffalo or Charlotte that will treat you with respect and guide you through the process of the law, protecting your rights and advocating for you or your family member every step of the way? Herman Legal Group represents individuals throughout the U.S. with a variety of circumstances. Our outstanding service and documented results are reflected by what our clients say about us.

Immigration Law Offices in Ohio, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Charlotte

Searching for a Cleveland immigration lawyer, or maybe a Dearborn immigration lawyer? Herman Legal Group represents clients in all 50 states. While being proudly headquartered in Cleveland, we have immigration law offices in Columbus, Detroit, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, Youngstown, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Erie, and Charlotte, to best meet our clients’ needs regardless of their location.

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