Analyst from India Receives H-1B Approval

Client: An Online Healthcare Service Provider in Columbus, Ohio
Client’s Country of Origin: India
Case Type: H-1B Status Application
Date of Application: July 7, 2014
Date of Approval: September 23, 2014

Our client, the employer, retained Herman Legal Group to secure a status for its choice development analyst. The online healthcare service provider wanted the analyst beneficiary to work full time to meet its expanding demand.

H-1B status application has become a sore topic among Asian immigrants. The maximum cap on applicants from certain countries, which happen to provide many high-skilled talents, has become a controversial part of immigration reform. It is rare for many to understand that employers, business owners and immigrants have consensus in ridding of the cap. The lottery, fortunately, worked for our client.

We helped our client prove that the new hire received advanced training for the profession, was a member of a profession that requires application of a specialized body of knowledge, and the offered salary satisfied the criteria. Moreover, we helped prove that the position had labor certification.

Two and a half months later, our client’s choice analyst could legally work full time.

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