Belorussian Father’s Green Card Application Approved

Client: An Eastern Orthodox Church in Cleveland, Ohio
Client’s Country of Origin: Belarus
Case Type: I-485 Adjustment of Status Based on Employment (Green Card Application, EB-4)
Date of Application: May 11, 1999
Date of Approval: December 18, 2000

Our client retained us to keep an experienced and multilingual Father on a permanent basis by applying for A green card.

This type of case was easier at one time. Due to some fraudulent cases in the first decade of this century, approval now takes longer. Reviewing officers read applications with greater scrutiny, and officials pay more attention to details. Twenty years ago, applicants could have applied without legal assistance. Now, it is recommended that they retain an experienced immigration lawyer. Legal professionals can help gather and present evidence persuasively. Above all, a lawyers’ obligation to act professionally and ethically adds to the credibility the case.

We helped our client prove that:

  1. The hiring organization would continue to sponsor the beneficiary with further employment.
  2. The beneficiary entered the U.S. with inspection.
  3. The beneficiary had no violations of status.
  4. She demonstrated that she would suffer extreme hardship involving unusual and severe harm if she were removed from the United States.
  5. The beneficiary had no felony records.

About 19 months later, our client’s Father received his green card.

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