Status Granted Through Marriage, Even Though Ages Apart

Client: Adult Female U.S. Citizen Married to Iranian Citizen
Client’s Country of Origin: Iran
Case Type: I-130 Petition for Relative (Husband)
Date of Application: June 17, 2014
Date of Interview: September 4, 2014
Date of Approval: September 18, 2014

Our U.S. citizen client, who was more than 30 years older than her immigrant husband, retained us to secure immigration status for him. This service included helping our client prepare for the interview.

Marriage immigration may appear straightforward, but is in fact more complicated than the process appears. You may need professional legal assistance to help you present your marriage as real, true and the result of love and trust. Age differential is typically not a problem, but in this case, it was. When the difference is more than 30 years, it takes a good attorney to present a persuasive argument to skeptic immigration officials. With due diligence, creative argument construction and careful client management, we achieved our client’s objective.

We helped our client prove that her marriage with the immigrant husband was bona fide and the result of love and trust, regardless of the age disparity.

Two weeks after the interview, our client was granted immigration status.

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