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The immigration attorneys at Herman Legal Group have studied the issues immigrants face for decades, while keeping up with changing policies and reforms. The immigration process is a complicated one that involves a lot of exact paperwork and filing. We make sure clients have realistic expectations and we work diligently to protect their rights and avoid setbacks. Our experienced immigration lawyers in Cleveland, Columbus and Detroit are happy to discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have. Immigration law is a serious area of practice. Below are some articles we’ve written to help offer some guidance in seeking the best legal representation.

“Parole-in-Place” Immigration Option for Family of Military

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The USCIS first established the Parole-in-Place (“PIP”) policy in 2007 which avails immigrant family members of military personnel to obtain authorized stay or work authorization in the US. This policy helps those serving in the US military by protecting their US-residing family members from deportation matters and may further enable persons for Adjustment of Status.

July 2019 Visa Bulletin Current for Family/Sponsored Immigrants (F2A) – Spouses and Children of Permanent Residents

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Each year, the USCIS sets a quota for family and employment-based visas. Once the quota is met, the USCIS stops issuing visas until the next fiscal year, thus creating a backlog of visa applicants. Section 203(a) of the INA prescribes preference categories of family-sponsored immigrant visas. Classified as F2A category visas are qualified immigrants who are spouses and children (unmarried and under 21 years old) of permanent resident aliens.

Immigration Lawyers in Detroit

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Immigration lawyers in Detroit are happy to discuss matters with their clients. They will talk face to face to see what the desired goal is. Some people want to become US citizens, others want to attend school and then go back to their home country. Either of these two clients will benefit from the assistance of a qualified lawyer.

Help With Immigration

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An immigration attorney in Detroit has a very important job. They help people from other countries enter the United States legally. Hiring an attorney will make the immigration process a lot easier. The legal counsel will be the immigrants’ point of contact and help with all the things required by law to enter the country.

Getting Legal Representation

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A Toledo immigration lawyer plays a valuable role in the immigration process for their clients. Those people who are wishing to become US citizens or marry a US citizen, hire these lawyers to help them with the process. Immigration is not an easy arena of the law to interpret.

The Process of Getting a GREEN CARD in the US!

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A green card holder (permanent resident) is someone who has been granted authorization to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. As a proof of that status, USCIS grants a permanent resident card which is also known as the green card.

Find Immigration Resolution not Political Rhetoric

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While immigration is one of the hot topics in politics right now, it is also a personal priority for the individuals that it affects whether it is the person trying to stay in the U.S., the family members or those still in the ‘home’ country waiting to find out about their chances of making it to the US.

How To Find the Right Immigration Representation

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In today’s political setting the topic of immigration is one of the hottest and most discussed issues among politicians, citizens and the illegal aliens that currently reside in this country. As an immigrant, it is very important to find a firm that will be able to represent you in a fair and balanced way while also helping out with documentation and submission steps for a variety of processes.

Getting a Lawyer

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Immigration is a hot issue in the news today. Immigration laws are ever changing and it can be difficult to keep up with them. The problems that immigrants face every day can be time-consuming, difficult, and stressful to say the least. It is especially stressful when a person has to show up in an immigration court.

Tips to Find the Perfect Immigration Lawyer for Yourself

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While it might seem like a very straight forward process, immigration to the US soil is something that might make one go through a lot of painful and excruciating trouble. It might make the individual’s life troublesome and leave him or her with no legal status to work in the US soil. The best way to start the process is by having a consultation with an immigration attorney.


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