Client: Small business
Client’s Country of Origin: Vietnam
Case Type: Employment; I-140 Petition for Alien Workers
Date of Application: Oct 2017
Date of Approval: June 2019

An up and coming Vietnamese restaurant retained the Herman Legal Group’s, Attorney Charmaine Rozario to assist them with sponsoring Vietnam chefs specialized in Vietnamese cuisine to work at their ethnic restaurant.  This restaurant is a popular downtown Cleveland restaurant which has, over a very short period, acquired a reputation for its flavorful and authentic Vietnamese cuisine.  As the business grew, more help was needed in the kitchen to keep up with demand while maintaining the authenticity of its cuisine.  However, one major difficulty most successful ethnic restaurants encounter is finding labor, skilled in a specific cuisine, to serve in their kitchens.

The business owners approached Attorney Rozario because they encountered many difficulties finding employees in the US who had the necessary skills set – the ability to cook authentic Vietnamese food.  The client had advertised the position and interviewed a number of applicants, but none qualified.  Out of sheer necessity, the client was ready to petition for immigrant workers visas on behalf of a couple of well recommended qualified chefs abroad.

The Herman Legal Group aided in the following manner:   Applying for and receiving Labor Certification from the US Department of Labor.  This certification verifies that the admittance of the clients’ foreign employees to the US will not negatively affect the US labor market.  Next, counsel prepared the I-140 Petition for Alien Workers which was approved within 10 business days.  After the third stage, the application of the Immigrant Visa and submission of papers to the National Visa Center, the file was forwarded to Vietnam for the Immigrant Visa Interview of the beneficiary abroad.  The beneficiary and his family received their Immigrant Visas and are now in the United States.  The children are in school and the beneficiary, working as a Chef at the Client’s Vietnamese restaurant.

The process was exceptionally quick as our clients and their prospective employees were quick and responsive with all necessary documents and information.  In addition, we provided the client and beneficiary with all the necessary paperwork for a relatively smooth interview at the US Consulate in Vietnam.

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