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Herman Legal Group’s Richard Herman is a vocal advocate for immigrant rights, always staying on top of the latest immigration reforms and practices. Below are some articles written by Richard Herman that may help you gain a new perspective on the issues that today’s immigrants face.

Penalties and Fines

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After inspection and ICE determines that technical, procedural, or substantive violations have been committed, the ICE will issue a Notice of Intent to Fine. This is the notice that will inform the employer of the violations found by ICE and the penalty recommended by them for the violations allegedly committed by the employer.

Prospective Immigrants Who are Exempt from the “Public Charge” Test

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The “public charge” barrier allows US immigration authorities to deny immigration to anyone who they believe, based on the “totality of the circumstances” of an application, is likely to become dependent on public benefits for economic support. Certain categories of immigrants, however, are exempted by law from the public charge test, including people who fall within the following categories:

The I-601A Application Process: Step by Step

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If you have accumulated six months of unlawful presence in the US, you will face a three-year bar from re-entering the US. If you have accumulated one year of unlawful presence, you could be barred from re-entering the US for ten years. The I-601A is designed to waive these bars if your inability to enter the US would cause undue hardship to a qualifying relative of yours who is a US citizen or permanent resident.

The I-864 Financial Sponsorship Requirement for Green Card Applicants

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To immigrate to the US, whether by visa from outside the USA or by adjustment of status if you are already in the US, you may have to prove to US immigration authorities that you will not become a “public charge” -- in other words, you will have to prove that you will not depend on public assistance to meet your financial needs. New policies put in place by the Trump administration have rendered it much more difficult to overcome the “public charge” barrier

Process of ICE Inspections

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All employers are required by the Immigration and Nationality Act to verify the identity of their employees as well as their employment eligibility. Under this same law, employers are required to keep records that prove their employees’ identities and work eligibility for three years from the date they were hired, or for one year after they ceased to be employed, whichever period is longer.

Noncitizen Eligibility for US Federal Public Assistance

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Significant restrictions exist on the use of federal public assistance for noncitizens. Nevertheless, some forms of assistance are available, especially to permanent residents, once certain conditions are met. US immigration authorities do not have jurisdiction over federal public assistance programs, and the USCIS lacks the authority to determine whether you are eligible for these benefits.

Grounds of Inadmissibility to the United States

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Certain activities can get you barred from entering the US, either indefinitely or until the ground of inadmissibility has been cured (failure to secure proper vaccinations, for instance).

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