Herman Legal Group, Files Regulatory Complaint and Requests Congressional Inquiry into Fifth Third Bank’s Refusal to Protect & Reimburse Victims of Check Fraud

Due to the Herman Legal Group's recent experiences with Fifth Third Bank, an Ohio-based bank, the law firm has filed complaints with federal and state regulatory agencies overseeing the bank, for a pattern and practice of refusing to protect and reimburse Ohio victims of fraud. The firm has had a checking account at Fifth [...]

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Challenging H1B Denials In Federal Court

The denial rate of H-1B petitions has dramatically increased over the past few years. This number is only increasing because the USCIS has provided several reasons to deny H-1B petitions. These denials usually stem from claims that the employer failed to show the position qualifies as a specialty occupation based on the specialty occupation [...]

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The In-Depth Guide To H1B Immigration Lawyer

Are you a degree holder looking to work in the United States? Well, if you are, you might need an H-1B immigration lawyer for an H-1B visa. Most people applying for H-1B work visas tend to dismiss the importance of immigration lawyers because sponsors may go through the visa process themselves. However, things like [...]

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