For some people getting their K-1 visa approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) could be extremely important because of their desire to get married in the United States. This article will explore the benefits of getting lawyer services for your K-1 visa and whether it is worth spending money on an immigration lawyer.

Who are immigration lawyers, and what do they do?

Immigration lawyers in America practice US immigration law and advise people who want to come to the United States on an immigrant or non-immigrant visa.

The immigration attorneys in the United States provide a lot of services such as having basic consultations with the clients to discuss their cases, providing visa information, filing petitions on behalf of the clients, appealing the decisions of the USCIS if their visa got rejected, arranging documents of the clients for the visa, etc.

What services can I expect from my immigration lawyer for a K-1 visa?

You might think a lot before hiring a lawyer for a K-1 visa. This is because getting a fiancé visa to get married in the US in itself has USCIS fees involved; plus you are spending an enormous amount on the wedding, and hiring a lawyer will eventually add to your overall cost.

However, there are many services that an immigration lawyer provides that can save your time and efforts, and you could focus more on your marriage. In the end, it is up to you to decide whether you want to hire an immigration lawyer or not, but it is worth being aware of the services immigration attorneys provide:

#1 Initial consultation

Deciding to come to the United States to get married could be a tough decision to make as there are many aspects to consider, such as whether your application will get accepted or not, what costs are involved, whether your partner will get a green card after marriage or he has to return to their country, what are the timelines of the visa (to decide whether you are willing to wait that long to get married), etc.

K-1 visa lawyers have specific knowledge of all the relevant questions that you have, and you could easily book an appointment with them to make up your mind regarding making your visa application.

#2 Arranging all the necessary documents

The K-1 visa process starts with US sponsor filing Form I-129F (Petition for Alien fiancé). There are many documents that are also attached with the petition which are necessary to get your petition approved.

An immigration attorney will guide you through the list of documents that you may require and check them so for their authenticity and sufficiency. For example, one of the requirements of Form I -129F is that you have to prove your relationship with the foreign citizen’s fiancé, and your immigration attorney can verify whether the evidence submitted by you is sufficient or not.

Furthermore, your foreign fiancé will need to carry a list of documents to their visa interview that is not exactly the same as were submitted with Form I-129F. These will include some extra documents such as a police certificate, medical exam certificate, etc. Therefore having an immigration lawyer in your bag is always beneficial.

#3 Prepare for the visa interview.

All the k visa applicants have to appear for a visa interview at the nearest US embassy or consulate to their place of living. They may face different questions at the time of the interview, where the interviewing officer will verify your intentions and if your relationship is bonafide or not.

Many immigration attorneys help you prepare for your visa interview by telling you in advance the possible questions that could be asked of you at the interview or by conducting a mock interview themselves.

#4 Appealing in case your visa is denied

There may be a situation where you have done everything right, have submitted all the necessary documents, and were confident that your visa will get approved by the USCIS; however, it got rejected. This may be a very panicky situation for you, and you may be confused about what to do next.

In such situations, the immigration attorney will be the best resort for anyone. Your denial letter will mention whether you can appeal the decision or not. If the decision is appealable, your immigration attorney will appeal that to AAO, and you may get the decision overturned. If your case is not appealable, unfortunately, you have to file the petition again.

#5 Maintaining confidential or sensitive information.

The immigration attorneys will maintain any information provided as secret. It is an integral part of any attorney-client relationship, and you may find a confidential clause in a separate attorney agreement as well. This is essential because for your k-1 visa, you may be passing sensitive information and photos to your attorney, and you should be ensured that your information is well protected. Herman Legal Group ensures that any information its clients share is well protected.

Do I need to hire fiancé visa attorneys?

Getting help from immigration lawyers may save the time and frustration you might face if you decide to do all the process yourself. There can be many reasons for this, such as:

#1 Expertise in the subject matter

The immigration attorneys are there for a reason. They know how the American immigration process works, the average costs that you as an applicant could incur, the current timelines of the whole process, and all the documents that you will require to submit to USCIS along with your petition. Getting all such information from the internet carries risks of false information, outdated information, or getting different information from different websites.

Therefore, an immigration lawyer rescues you from all these by providing accurate and comprehensive detail of your visa and the things you need to do. Attorneys at Herman Legal Group have years of experience helping foreign nationals settle in the US and carry comprehensive knowledge of each visa type. Book your consultation with them to discuss visa options available for you to come to the United States.

#2 Save time and effort

If you are a person to whom time matters the most and does not want to waste it doing the visa process by yourself, going for an immigration lawyer would be ideal for you as it can significantly reduce the time and effort that you would put in otherwise.

#3 Less Frustration

It is not new that US immigration laws can be quite complex at times to understand, and this is the same for you as well. There are many different types of visas, long processes, and flexible laws, and understanding all of that could be complicated and frustrating for some people. That is why hiring an immigration attorney comes as a convenient option to avoid visa frustrations.

Hiring an immigration lawyer could add to your expenses; however, deciding whether to incur such expenses for your convenience depends only on you. You may consult with your partner and can split the cost to reduce the burden on one partner.

How can Herman Legal Group help you?

You are not alone in your visa journey. Herman Legal Group is always there to help you in getting your marriage visas or fiancé visas and help bring your foreign citizen fiancé into the United States.

Our law firm is AV-Rated and has been awarded the designation of “Best Law Firm” by U.S. News & World Report. The firm serves clients nationwide and from around the world. Let us put our skills to work for you. We can analyze your case, identify the available options, and help you decide the safest, most cost-effective, and quickest route to success.

You can book consultations with our experienced immigration attorney by either drop into our law offices or having an online consultation. You can schedule a consultation with one of the immigration experts by calling 1-216-696-6170, or by booking online.

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