Citizen of Jordan Successfully Obtains Marriage Green Card

In 2016, our client, a citizen of Jordan, entered the US on a visitor visa for personal travel. Shortly afterward, he applied for asylum. During the waiting period of the asylum application, our client united in marriage with a US citizen, and Chief Paralegal Connie Cook of Herman Legal Group assisted with filing for a marriage green card application concurrently with closing the asylum case.

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Summary of the Trump Administration’s Disastrous Immigration Legacy

By the time his term of office ends on January 20, 2021, Donald Trump will have reduced immigration to the United States by more than half. He has managed to accomplish all of this through executive order and regulatory changes, without any change in statutory law -- and therefore no need for cooperation from Congress. The timing of this decrease in immigration makes it obvious that nowhere near all of it can be attributed to the COVID-19 crisis.

Trump Administration Moves Forward with New Asylum Guideline

This past week, Trump’s administration has made a major push in decreasing the flow of migrants to the US by implementing strict policy changes for asylum seekers targeted at the southern border. The new rule requires that if an immigrant seeking asylum first crosses through a third country prior to reaching the US, he/she must first apply for refugee status in that country.

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Winning Asylum Before USCIS and Immigration Court

Asylum is a US immigration status that is based on humanitarian concerns for people who have good reason to fear that harm will come to them if they return to their home countries. If you receive it, you will be allowed you to live and work in the US for an indefinite period of time. Asylum is granted only to people who are present in the US, however. If you are located abroad, you should apply for refugee status, which offers equivalent benefits.

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