Top 10 Immigration Lawyers in Chicago

Chicago is home to some of the nation’s most skilled and experienced immigration lawyers. The city has attracted the best immigration lawyers for a number of reasons, including its high foreign-born population (about 1.6 million), a cluster of prominent law schools in the area, and a variety of other compelling reasons. All of this has inspired many Chicagoans to devote their careers to helping immigrants and has also attracted immigration lawyers from all over the country.

International Programs and Patient Services at Chicago Hospitals

Due to Chicago’s excellent reputation for medical care, patients come to Chicago area hospitals from all over the world for treatment. In response, Chicago hospitals have organized programs designed to respond to the special needs of these patients. Following are descriptions of a few of them:

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Chicago’s Ethnic Festivals

Chicago is home to dozens of annual ethnic festivals, especially in the summer. Keep in mind that during 2020 and possibly 2021, many of these festivals will be canceled or moved online due to the Covid-19 crisis. The below descriptions are based on the events as they occurred before Covid-19 arose.

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International Student Offices at Major Chicago Colleges and Universities

Chicago hosts over 100 institutes of higher education, including world-class universities such as the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. Many of these institutions attract a large number of international students, and most of them have established international student offices that offer a variety of services. Following is an introduction to five of them:

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Chicago’s Ethnic Media

Chicago is home to a tremendous variety of ethnic groups. It should be no surprise, then, that a great number of diverse ethnic media outlets have arisen. These outlets provide valuable information to various immigrant communities via newspapers, radio, TV, and the Internet, among other forms of media.

Chicago Nonprofits That Serve Immigrants

Chicago is home to a multitude of nonprofit organizations that are either dedicated to serving the needs of immigrants or include such services as part of their operations. A small sampling of such organizations, including a brief description of their operations,

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