A Guide to Apply for U.S. Citizenship Through Marriage

If your beloved one is a foreigner, you probably think of all those procedures that come your way to be and live together in the United States. It is true that marrying a foreigner has specific practical implications, such as getting visas, green cards, and permits in order to get U.S. citizenship through marriage. But, the good news is that all the administrative processes for obtaining and renewing a visa and obtaining a green card are easily achievable once you set your documents in place so you can apply for U.S. citizenship.

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How Does a U.S Citizen Apply for Dual Citizenship?

The following article offers a wider perspective on the topic of dual citizenship, which is defined as being a citizen of two countries. You might be interested in this if you plan to move to live and stay in the U.S, and already have citizenship of your birth country.

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Trump Admin set to make the Naturalization Test more difficult on their way out

The four years of the Trump administration have been unprecedented when it comes to immigration policies, along with other decisions. There have been more than 400 immigration-related executive decisions according to the Migration Policy Institute (Forbes). While we’ll see a change in administration beginning next year, it will likely take some time to reverse the various measures taken by the current administration.

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Green Card Holder Approved for Citizenship Notwithstanding Strict Liability Offense

Our client fell victim to the act. She had been passing through a parking lot of an Illinois shopping mall and was approached by a voting booth representative. Asked if she is registered to vote, our client stated she is not a US citizen. The representative asked if she is married to a US citizen, and if so, she is able to vote due to that status.

“Good Moral Character” and US Citizenship

“Good moral character” means more than refraining from committing crimes. Yes, it is true that committing a crime is likely to cast doubt on your good moral character -- but so can other activities such as unpaid debts.

The Effect of a Criminal Conviction on a US Citizenship Application

If you are a permanent resident seeking US citizenship, your N-400 citizenship application will require you to reveal whether you have ever been arrested for, charged with or convicted of a crime. It’s obviously not good news if you have been convicted of a crime.

Naturalization and Citizenship: Useful and Complete Guide 2019

Naturalization is the process by which a permanent resident of the United States becomes a citizen. A permanent resident can become a citizen by meeting certain requirements and by filing the N-400 Application for Naturalization along with supporting documentation.

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