How to File I-485 for EB-3 Category Applicants

EB3 visas are one of the most popular ones due to their relatively low requirements. EB3 visa can be granted to a person who is a foreign national with a bachelor’s degree, a skilled worker that has a minimum of two years of experience, and an unskilled worker that requires a permanent and not temporary or seasonal job. Work experience is not necessary for the category of an unskilled worker. As you may see, the conditions are far less stringent than with an EB2 visa, and there is no need to have an advanced degree or contribute to the US interests.

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What happens if EB-3 retrogresses after I file the I-485?

Excepting spouses, minor children, or parents of U.S. citizens, most foreigners who seek to obtain lawful permanent residence in the United States are subject to quotas governing the availability of immigrant visa numbers. The Department of State releases each month a Visa Bulletin reflecting how many green cards are available and listing the dates before which a green card process must have been initiated to move forward with the last step of the process.

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Guide to Understanding EB-3 Visa Priority Dates

Waiting for the priority date to be current can be stressful, especially if this period already took it too long, which is incredibly usual if you are from China or India. If you are one of many people waiting for your green card application to move forward and are fed up with sitting and expecting this important news, you probably try to learn as much information as you can so that you can plan your stay in the United States.

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