EB-5 Job Creation Requirements

To immigrate to the United States in EB-5 status, you must invest between $900,000 and $1.8 million (depending on the location of the investment) into a commercial enterprise or designated regional center, that will create or preserve at least 10 full-time jobs “within a reasonable time.” Four types of jobs can be used to satisfy this requirement, depending on the circumstances -- direct jobs, preserved jobs, indirect jobs and induced jobs.

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Supporting Documents for Form I-526 EB- 5 Immigrant Petition [Complete Guide]

Form I-526, Petition by Alien Investor, is the form you fill out to begin the process of immigrating to the United States in the EB-5 category based on a qualifying investment into a US commercial enterprise. In addition to Form I-526, you must assemble a complete application package with documentation that proves your eligibility. Following is a list of required and recommended documentation needed to support your application.

EB-5 Visa Investment Options

The EB-5 investment visa program allows someone who invests a minimum amount of money into a US commercial enterprise or regional center to obtain permanent residence (a “green card”) in the United States. The investment must take one of two forms -- (i) a direct investment into an enterprise and (ii) an indirect investment into an approved regional center. Each of these types of investments has its own requirements as well as its own advantages and drawbacks.

EB-5 Visa: Immigrant Investor Program

Can a foreign investor purchase permanent residency in the United States? Well, not exactly, but the EB-5 US investment visa program is about as close as you can get to purchasing permanent residence. The EB-5 investors visa USA program offers permanent residence to foreign investors much faster than just about any other pathway, but it does require a substantial qualifying investment in a new or existing commercial enterprise (nonprofits don’t count).

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