The Types of Visa Bulletin Charts

The final action date charts (for both family and employment) indicate which priority date has reached the front of the line. For example, if the chart says 08JUL15, that means green card applications filed before July 8, 2015, can now apply for approval. Applicants who qualify should apply for their green card immediately.

European Executive Becomes Permanent Resident

A manufacturing company in a Cleveland suburb wished to retain an executive transferred from the United Kingdom on a long-term basis. Herman Legal Group’s team of expert immigration lawyers in Cleveland were retained to secure a permanent resident status for our client’s choice employer.

Green Card Approval for Polish Technician

After several unsuccessful attempts by other attorneys, our client retained Herman Legal Group to end his nightmare. We advised our client to choose the safer and obvious strategy. With our client’s consent, we helped him acquire permanent residence based on his stable employment record.

Researcher from China Receives Green Card

Based on this particular researcher’s outstanding record, we encountered ordinary challenges and tedium. For outstanding researcher cases, evidence gathering especially requires careful chronicling of all the publications and achievements. Moreover, as the representative of the institution that sponsors the application, we particularly need to make a persuasive argument to skeptic readers and reviewers.

Employment-Based Green Card for English Manager

Our client wished to hire an English manager for a long-term position in the United States. Having previously secured nonimmigrant status for the same manager, Herman Legal Group was retained again to secure permanent residence status for our client’s choice manager. To achieve our client’s goal, we filed an I-485 Petition for Adjustment of Status with another immigration petition.