I-864, Affidavit of Support Under Section Part 1

Sponsors should review the form with an experienced immigration lawyer – especially because any error can result in a dismissal of the main petition – such as the I-485 petition. Due to the Trump administration’s 2018 policy memorandum, the USCIS officer reviewing your case has full discretion over the review of their cause. They can issue an RFE or NOID. They can also deny your claim – forcing you to either for a motion to reopen/reconsider or to file a brand new application (and filing fee).

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Documentary Requirements for Overcoming the “Public Charge” Barrier

The USCIS will require extensive documentation of both Form I-944 and Form I-864. Some of these requirements are included in the instructions for these forms; however, it is possible that the USCIS will require more information than this minimum. When in doubt, it is best to provide documentation for any claim you make if it is reasonably convenient for you to do so. If you will be providing any of the foregoing information for Form I-485, you do not have to provide it twice.

The I-864 Financial Sponsorship Requirement for Green Card Applicants

To immigrate to the US, whether by visa from outside the USA or by adjustment of status if you are already in the US, you may have to prove to US immigration authorities that you will not become a “public charge” -- in other words, you will have to prove that you will not depend on public assistance to meet your financial needs. New policies put in place by the Trump administration have rendered it much more difficult to overcome the “public charge” barrier

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