Form I-944 Instructions, Section by Section

On Feb. 24, 2020, the USCIS added yet another form to the already extensive paperwork you need to adjust your status to lawful permanent resident -- Form I-944, Declaration of Self-Sufficiency. The purpose of the form is to prove that you will not become a “public charge” (dependent on public benefits) while in the United States.

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Documentary Requirements for Overcoming the “Public Charge” Barrier

The USCIS will require extensive documentation of both Form I-944 and Form I-864. Some of these requirements are included in the instructions for these forms; however, it is possible that the USCIS will require more information than this minimum. When in doubt, it is best to provide documentation for any claim you make if it is reasonably convenient for you to do so. If you will be providing any of the foregoing information for Form I-485, you do not have to provide it twice.

Form I-944, the Declaration of Self-Sufficiency

The Declaration of Self-Sufficiency, Form I-944, is a new form that the USCIS requires applicants for permanent residence to submit. It is designed to allow immigration authorities to determine whether you are likely to become a “public charge” in the future (a “public charge” is someone who relies primarily on government benefits to support themselves). Anyone who the USCIS believes is more likely than not to become a public charge in the future will be denied permanent residence.

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