How Do I Prepare for the Marriage-based Green Card Interview?

As you probably already know, green card interviews are the last step for you and your spouse in getting U.S. citizenship for immigrants. However, if you (or your spouse) are a U.S. citizen or a green card holder and married for more than three years, you are eligible to submit the application for a marriage-based green card, adjust your status and become a permanent resident.

Unlawful Entry Waived for Client’s Permanent Residency Approval

Chief Paralegal Connie Cook of Herman Legal Group assisted our client in the process of visa application. Our client entered the US from Guatemala without inspection for personal travel. During his time in the US, our client connected with a friend established a long-term relationship, and the two became parents to a US-born child. Following this relationship, his partner sponsored him in filing an I-130 Petition in order to apply for US lawful permanent resident status.

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