The I-212 Waiver Application: A Step-by-Step Guide

Approval of your I-212 waiver application might be the only way that you can return to the United States, at least for a long time. Because of this, you need to be particularly careful to avoid any errors or omissions. Use this brief step-by-step guide in conjunction with the I-212 Instructions and advice from your immigration lawyer.

What to Do If Your I-212 Application is Successful

If your I-212 application was approved, congratulations! Despite this victory, however, it is too early to book your flight to the US. All an I-212 waiver does is to grant you the right to apply for a visa to enter the US (assuming that you are not inadmissible for some reason that the I-212 waiver does not cover). Following is an explanation of the relationship between an I-212 waiver and your post-waiver visa status

How to Win Your I-212 Waiver Application

An I-212 waiver application is not a visa application -- instead, it is an application for permission to apply for a visa after you have been deported (removed). This means that even if your I-212 application is approved, your visa application could still be turned down. You must apply for an I-212 waiver from abroad -- you cannot apply while in the US.

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