How Do I Prepare for the Marriage-based Green Card Interview?

As you probably already know, green card interviews are the last step for you and your spouse in getting U.S. citizenship for immigrants. However, if you (or your spouse) are a U.S. citizen or a green card holder and married for more than three years, you are eligible to submit the application for a marriage-based green card, adjust your status and become a permanent resident.

How to Apply to Adjust Status After You Enter the U.S. on K-1 Visa?

When a foreign fiancé enters the United States based on a K1 nonimmigrant visa, there is a time frame of 90 days to get married to the U.S. citizen who filed a petition for an Alien fiancé. The couple should marry as soon as possible, given that breaking the deadline can lead to the deportation proceedings to the home country of the visa holder.

Labor Certification for Indian Software Engineer

Our client retained Herman Legal Group because it wished to hire a choice Indian software engineer. To secure H-1B visa for that engineer, our client first needed to show that the position was available for U.S. workers, but that no able, willing and qualified U.S. worker took the offer.

Software Engineer Receives H-1B Status

Herman Legal Group was retained by our client’s parent company. We first applied for labor certification for this beneficiary’s position, and acquired approval early in March, 2015. Upon receiving the labor certification, we quickly submitted H-1B application on behalf of our client.

European Executive Becomes Permanent Resident

A manufacturing company in a Cleveland suburb wished to retain an executive transferred from the United Kingdom on a long-term basis. Herman Legal Group’s team of expert immigration lawyers in Cleveland were retained to secure a permanent resident status for our client’s choice employer.

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Green Card Approval for Polish Technician

After several unsuccessful attempts by other attorneys, our client retained Herman Legal Group to end his nightmare. We advised our client to choose the safer and obvious strategy. With our client’s consent, we helped him acquire permanent residence based on his stable employment record.

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Marriage Green Card Granted to Jordanian Husband

Marriage immigration may also require showing adequate income to support the family. Therefore, proving marriage to be real and the result of love and trust is a fundamental step, but incomplete. Sometimes, it takes patient planning to walk through many hearings until enough gainful employment is on file.

Marriage Green Card: Keeping a Family Together

Marriage green card cases often appear to be straightforward, but turn out to be the contrary. Aside from showing that the marriage is in fact, the result of mutual love and trust, the sponsored spouse must also demonstrate the ability to support another spouse or their combined income must exceed the legal minimum.

Researcher from China Receives Green Card

Based on this particular researcher’s outstanding record, we encountered ordinary challenges and tedium. For outstanding researcher cases, evidence gathering especially requires careful chronicling of all the publications and achievements. Moreover, as the representative of the institution that sponsors the application, we particularly need to make a persuasive argument to skeptic readers and reviewers.

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Employment-Based Green Card for English Manager

Our client wished to hire an English manager for a long-term position in the United States. Having previously secured nonimmigrant status for the same manager, Herman Legal Group was retained again to secure permanent residence status for our client’s choice manager. To achieve our client’s goal, we filed an I-485 Petition for Adjustment of Status with another immigration petition.

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