International Student Services at Universities in Columbus, Ohio

Although not every college and university in Ohio has established a special office dedicated to serving international students, many have done so. The following are descriptions of the activities of the international student offices at some of those universities.

Chicago’s Ethnic Media

Chicago is home to a tremendous variety of ethnic groups. It should be no surprise, then, that a great number of diverse ethnic media outlets have arisen. These outlets provide valuable information to various immigrant communities via newspapers, radio, TV, and the Internet, among other forms of media.

Physicians in Columbus, Ohio: Who are Authorized by the USCIS to Provide Green Card Medical Exams

Before you can be issued a green card in the US, you will probably need to submit to a medical exam performed by a doctor who has been approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). The USCIS refers to these doctors as “civil surgeons”, and a partial list of them appears below. The doctor will be mainly looking for the presence of a serious communicable disease, some of which can result in the denial of your green card application.

Chicago Nonprofits That Serve Immigrants

Chicago is home to a multitude of nonprofit organizations that are either dedicated to serving the needs of immigrants or include such services as part of their operations. A small sampling of such organizations, including a brief description of their operations,

How Refugees and Immigrants Economically Revitalized the Northland Area of Columbus, Ohio

The Northland area of Columbus, Ohio is composed of about 25 individual neighborhoods bounded by Cleveland Avenue, Karl Road, Busch Boulevard, Dublin-Granville Road, and Morse Road. For a long time now the area has been known as an economically struggling area. That perception, as well as the reality behind it, has started to change in recent years as Columbus’s immigrant entrepreneurs revitalize the area.

The Chicago Immigration Court

The Chicago Immigration Court is one of 58 immigration courts in the United States and, unsurprisingly, it is one of the busiest. Like all US immigration courts, it is subject to the authority of the Office of the Chief Immigration Judge. The judgments of the Chicago Immigration Court can be overturned by a successful appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Designated Civil Surgeons: Chicago Doctors Who are Approved by the USCIS to Perform Immigration-Related Medical Exams

If you are seeking permanent residence in the United States, you will be required to submit to a medical examination to prove that there is no medical reason to deny your green card application -- a serious communicable disease, for example.

Recent African Immigration to Columbus, Ohio

Arguably, Columbus’s first wave of “African immigration” was a domestic migration from the South during the Great Migration beginning in about 1900, when millions of African-Americans moved north and west to escape bleak economic prospects and racial segregation in the South. Nowadays, however, Columbus is experiencing a second wave of immigration -- this time directly from Africa.

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