Recent African Immigration to Columbus, Ohio

Arguably, Columbus’s first wave of “African immigration” was a domestic migration from the South during the Great Migration beginning in about 1900, when millions of African-Americans moved north and west to escape bleak economic prospects and racial segregation in the South. Nowadays, however, Columbus is experiencing a second wave of immigration -- this time directly from Africa.

Chicago is Rated the Most Immigrant-Friendly City in the United States

Chicago has been suffering a net loss of immigrants since 2015. This trend is more than a little ironic since in November 2019 Chicago was listed as the No. 1 most immigration-friendly city among the nation’s 100 largest cities. The ranking is based on the second annual Cities Index issued by the New American Economy, a bipartisan immigration advocacy group. As a while, the Midwest region of the United States outperformed all other regions.

Top 10 Immigration Attorneys in Cleveland

Cleveland is home to some outstanding, experienced immigration lawyers and border attorneys. Prominent law schools in the area, world-renowned hospitals and universities, and rich immigration history attracted many attorneys to direct careers toward providing legal help to immigrants.

Local Ethnic Media in Buffalo

According to High Brown Magazine, many immigrants in the 21st century “come as refugees from countries as far apart as Bhutan, Burma and Iraq, as well as Somalia, Eritrea, Liberia and Cuba.” According to the Buffalo-based Journey’s End Refugee Services, there were some 1,600 refugees resettled in Buffalo in 2012, with another 2,000 expected in 2013.

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Immigration Information and Resources for Columbus, Ohio

As the 14th largest city in the United States, you would expect the Columbus immigration scene to be vibrant and full of life. And it is, with over 150,000 people, or about 8 percent of the total population of Columbus, having been born overseas. Ultimately, of course, nearly all Columbus residents can trace their ancestry back to an immigrant.

Media for Ethnic Groups in Cleveland

Cleveland's soul and identity is the creation of a diverse mixture of its ethnic groups. It makes its character more interesting since it brought different cultures, customs, and a myriad of traditional food. The significant groups contributing to making Cleveland what it is today are the Irish community, Italian, Polish, German, Chineses, and Slovenian community, along with many others.

Ethnic Media in Detroit

Throughout history, Detroit was the place where people from all around the world were drawn due to the automotive industry. It has continued to enrich its ethnic picture until today. Michigan’s diverse ethnic population influenced the media, creating more than 20 ethnic media in this area.

Buffalo Health Care Support for Immigrant Community

Immigrants need a variety of services to transition from their life abroad to their life in Buffalo. Catholic Charities of Buffalo provides the following services, in addition to parish services, for immigrants and some family members.

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Immigration Information and Resources for Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is known as a “Rust Belt'' city that has suffered economically and demographically from the shift in the United States economy from manufacturing to information technology. But the wave of immigration that took place in the 1990s added population and vitality to US cities as diverse as Portland, Columbus, and St. Paul, says Richard Herman, prominent US immigration lawyer and founder of the Herman Legal Group. The same process could happen in Chicago.

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