Divorce Decree Copy

If you want to seek a marriage-based green card, but you have been married before, bear in mind that the U.S. government requires spouses' divorce decree, a certificate of annulment, or a death certificate. In addition, if you have had more marriages, you will have to obtain such a certificate for each of them.

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Marriage Green Card Timeline

If like thousands of other American citizens who marry foreign spouses each year, you are looking to make a new beginning in the United States with your spouse, you came to the right place. We prepared this guide to help you understand the basic timeline of the complete application procedure to be aware of how long your marriage-based green card procedure will take and how to make life plans accordingly.

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Marriage-Based Green Card Guide

Have your spouse living abroad, and you, as a U.S. citizen, already chose the United States and decided to live in this country permanently? If that is so, you are ready to learn about the process of getting a green card through marriage as your best option and help your spouse and apply for a green card and permanent residence.

Citizen of Jordan Successfully Obtains Marriage Green Card

In 2016, our client, a citizen of Jordan, entered the US on a visitor visa for personal travel. Shortly afterward, he applied for asylum. During the waiting period of the asylum application, our client united in marriage with a US citizen, and Chief Paralegal Connie Cook of Herman Legal Group assisted with filing for a marriage green card application concurrently with closing the asylum case.

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Canadian Couple Approved Marriage GC after Successful USCIS Interview

Our client came to the US on tourist status to visit his girlfriend and continue the growth of their relationship. After some time passed, their love grew and eventually, they sought to unite in marriage.

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10 Tips to Know Before coming to a Marriage Based Green Card Interview

Suppose you came to the United States with a visa, and after 90 days, you got married to a U.S. citizen. In this case, you are probably eligible to apply to adjust your status to a lawful permanent resident, and you do not have to leave the United States.

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What Documents Should I Bring at the Marriage Green Card Interview?

If you are applying for a marriage-based green card, and doing so while living in the U.S., through the process called "adjustment of status," you can expect to be invited for a personal interview at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) local district office.

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Top 10 Mistakes at The Marriage Green Card Interview and How to Avoid Them

Applicants who file for adjustment of status to get their green card in the United States must usually appear for an interview at an office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It is not rare that people do not get this interview seriously and ruin their chance to obtain a green card just because they haven't followed the preparation steps. So here are ten scenarios of people who made mistakes:

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Most Common Questions at The Marriage Green Card Interview

Are you getting ready for a marriage-based green card interview? Your interview is approaching, and you want to know everything that you can encounter there. If your response is uncertain or discrepancies with your spouse's, the officer can become suspicious or believe that your marriage might be a fraud. If this happens, they can separate you and conduct individual interviews in the "Stokes" format.

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What is the Stokes Interview?

The Stokes interview is a second chance for the couple to convince the USCIS officer of their marriage's authenticity. Usually, it is scheduled when the immigration officer has some doubts after holding the initial status interview. That is why the Stokes interview is also called the marriage fraud interview.

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