Can a CR-1 Visa Be Denied?

During the application process of getting a CR1 visa, one of the most stressful periods is the waiting time to determine if the spouse visa is approved since it affects the future of both U.S. citizens and a foreign spouse. The chance for success increases if the spouses have submitted the correct documents. However, sometimes immigration or consular officers can decide that there is a lack of information or evidence, or some other ineligibility of the applicant, which will, unfortunately, lead to a visa denial.

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What if I get an RFE or NOID with my I-485?

When the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) lack some information, it can require a notice called a Request for Evidence (RFE). RFE can address easily accessed documents, such as copies of birth certificates or diplomas, but sometimes these documents can be more complicated to acquire. It can also state which document is explicitly missing or notice that some submitted papers do not meet the criteria. However, sometimes it will be necessary to provide evidence for specific immigration law provisions.

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How Can I Overcome an RFE or NOID?

Receiving a NOID and RFE may confuse you or intimidate you that it will step on your way to getting a lawful permanent residence. However, if you prepare a concise response with firm evidence, you can influence the USCIS officer's decision. Keep reading to learn what you need to do in order to overcome RFE or NOID that you have received.

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What to Do if You Have Received RFE or NOID?

If you have received an RFE, it means that the USCIS officer found evidence you have submitted insufficient to be granted with lawful permanent residence. In case you are unsure what to do next or how to handle the further process, then the first thing would be to contact an immigration attorney.

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How to Win a Spousal I-130 or I-751 After RFE or NOID?

Sometimes, immigration law can be a rugged territory to cruise on. All those filing forms, fees you need to pay, evidence you have to submit, interviews to undertake can make you feel trapped in your immigration case. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a lawyer from the first beginning to lead you through the whole process.

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