A Guide on How to get K-1 Visa as a Fiancé(e) of the U.S. Citizen

We understand how important it is to be with your foreign partner before starting your new life and getting married. Here, we will guide you on obtaining a K-1 nonimmigrant visa and grab a chance to make plans for your dream wedding together in the United States.

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Summary of the Trump Administration’s Disastrous Immigration Legacy

By the time his term of office ends on January 20, 2021, Donald Trump will have reduced immigration to the United States by more than half. He has managed to accomplish all of this through executive order and regulatory changes, without any change in statutory law -- and therefore no need for cooperation from Congress. The timing of this decrease in immigration makes it obvious that nowhere near all of it can be attributed to the COVID-19 crisis.

Who Can and Can’t Change Their Nonimmigrant Status?

Some immigrants can change their nonimmigrant status to F-1 status if approved by the USCIS. Others can’t. Generally, according to the USCIS, you can apply for a change in nonimmigrant status from one visa classification to another if.

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Immigration Laws for Changing to a Nonimmigrant F or M Student Status

Many B-1 and B-2 nonimmigrant visa holders may wish to change their status to F-1 student status. Holders of other nonimmigrant visas, such as J-2 exchange visitors, H-1B nonimmigrant visa holders (and spouses – H4 visas) may also want to switch. The desire to change has become more prevalent due to the COVID-19 healthcare crisis.

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