Unlawful Entry Waived for Client’s Permanent Residency Approval

Chief Paralegal Connie Cook of Herman Legal Group assisted our client in the process of visa application. Our client entered the US from Guatemala without inspection for personal travel. During his time in the US, our client connected with a friend established a long-term relationship, and the two became parents to a US-born child. Following this relationship, his partner sponsored him in filing an I-130 Petition in order to apply for US lawful permanent resident status.

Buddhist Monk Approved for Permanent Residency and Work Authorization in Ohio

Our client a non-profit Vietnamese Buddhist temple retained Attorney Charmaine Rozario of Herman Legal Group to assist with petitioning a religious worker to come to the Cleveland area. Our client was suffering due to a lack of Buddhist monks and nuns in the US.

Immigration In Ohio Made Easier for Ethiopian Priest

Our client a non-profit Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church, retained Attorney Erin James of Herman Legal Group to assist with petitioning a religious worker to come to the Cleveland area.

Diversity Visa Lottery 2021 (Entry Begins October 2, 2019)

After much anticipation, the US Dept. of State announced earlier this week the entry dates for the next visa lottery, DV-2021. The announcement may come surprising to some in light of President Trump’s publicly-made views on the Diversity Visa Program. Since early 2018, Trump has expressed his negative views on the current immigration system and has made it a priority objective to implement reform, starting with his promise to eliminate the Diversity Visa program. Referring to the program as a mere “draw from the hat,” Trump aims to alter policy to result in US immigration being strictly merit-based - but for now, the US Dept. of State has given confirmation to continue on with the program.

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