What Documents Should I Bring at the Marriage Green Card Interview?

If you are applying for a marriage-based green card, and doing so while living in the U.S., through the process called "adjustment of status," you can expect to be invited for a personal interview at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) local district office.

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Supporting Documents for Form I-526

Form I-526, Petition by Alien Investor, is the form you fill out to begin the process of immigrating to the United States in the EB-5 category based on a qualifying investment into a US commercial enterprise. In addition to Form I-526, you must assemble a complete application package with documentation that proves your eligibility. Following is a list of required and recommended documentation needed to support your application.

Supporting Documents for an I-601 or I-601A Waiver of Inadmissibility Application

The general rule for completing an I-601 or I-601A application is to document everything that you can. Following is an incomplete list of the kinds of documents that you might need. Some of them might not apply to you (you will not need a marriage certificate if you are not married, for example), and there may be some documents not listed below that you may need due to your specific circumstances. Use your common sense.

Affirmative Asylum Claims: How to Prepare Supporting Documentation

The sobering reality is that most asylum claims are rejected, and the rejection rate has been increasing for a number of years now. To win your claim, you are going to have to exert your best efforts to ensure that your application is considerably more persuasive than the average asylum application is.

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