Immigrant, Inc.: Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Driving The New Economy

Immigrant, INC.

Herman Legal Group founder Richard Herman is a global advocate for immigrants. He truly believes that immigrants embody the strength and promise of America. Passionate about the advantages of immigrants in the U.S. workforce, Richard co-authored the internationally-acclaimed book, Immigrant, Inc.: Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Driving The New Economy, a powerful interweaving of success stories and research that will forever change the way you look at immigrants – and America.

Did You Know?

  • Today’s immigrants are nearly twice as likely as non-immigrants to launch a business.
  • Immigrant founders are behind more than half of the high-tech start-ups in Silicon Valley.
  • Immigrants have become more likely than native-born Americans to earn an advanced degree or patent.

Through promoting diversity and the advantages of capitalizing on a diverse workforce, Richard hopes to help immigrant populations become more visible and accepted.

Reviews of Immigrant, Inc.

“A real eye-opener.”
-Jan T. Vilcek, MD, Professor, NYU School of Medicine and President, The Vilcek Foundation

“Required reading for all policymakers and practitioners working to help America keep its competitive edge in the 21st century.”
-John Austin, Fellow, The Brookings Institution and Director, Great Lakes Economic Institute

“We’ve all heard of the entrepreneurial power of modern-day immigrants to America. But this book goes further.It shows how newcomers to our shores, setting up their own firms, excelling in cutting-edge technologies, employing and working with native Americans, are essential to the United States’ economic well-being.”
-Neil Peirce, The Washington Post Writers Group

This is a fascinating chronicle of what can be one of the most powerful economic development forces in our country in the coming years.”
-Alan R. Schonberg, Founder, Management Recruiters International

A passionate, persuasive case for immigration as a crucial investment in our country’s future. This book is a timely call for clear thinking and positive action.”
-Charles Michener, Author and former Senior Editor, The New Yorker and Newsweek

A rare and insightful look into the culture of immigrant entrepreneurship. Written with love, sensitivity, and the promise of what immigrants contribute to our great American society.”
-Alex Machaskee, former Publisher and CEO, The Plain Dealer, Chairman of International Orthodox Christian Charities

The author’s passion comes through in this fantastic book that points to the power and importance of intercultural partnerships in a global economy.”
-Connie Atkins, Executive Director, Consortium of African American Organizations

…well researched, wonderfully written, and a fun, fast read. Robert Smith and Richard Herman wowed readers with stories of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things, and in the process, they are also creating a more diverse, vibrant and colorful America. A page turner, I couldn’t put it down.
-Loung Ung, Author of First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers and Lucky Child

Let’s hope this book’s captivating stories and meaningful insights move policymakers to re-light Lady Liberty’s beacon.”
-Baiju R. Shah, President & CEO, BioEnterprise

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Cleveland Immigration Lawyer Richard Herman

Richard Herman is a nationally recognized immigration lawyer and one of the architects of a national movement to revitalize American’s economy through federal and local policies that welcome immigrants.

Richard speaks around the country on behalf of New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s initiative, Partnership for a New American Economy, a national coalition of over 400 CEOs and mayors who make the case that smart immigration makes America stronger and economically more vibrant.


A nationally-renowned commentator on immigration, global diversity and international business, Richard has been sought out by many national media outlets including:

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