Business Law

Business Law

Incorporate/ LLC

The experienced Cleveland business attorneys at Herman Legal Group are well versed in all aspects of business and commercial law. We have helped many startup enterprises organize, grow, merge, spin-off, dissolve – and, most importantly, succeed.

If you are forming a business, our lawyers can help you handle every step in the process, including:

  • Helping you choose the appropriate business entity
  • Drafting formation documents
  • Issuing stock
  • Working with investors and venture capitalists
  • Arranging and negotiating commercial space and commercial leases
  • Filing with the Secretary of the Commonwealth
  • Obtaining tax/employer ID numbers (EINs)
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We also address disputes, compliance issues, and other business law services such as:

  • Contract and lease drafting, review, and litigation
  • Business formation and incorporation, including the creation of sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations
  • Business dissolution
  • Business-to-business disputes, partnership disputes, board disputes, and business leadership disputes
  • Drafting bylaws, operating agreements, certificates of organization, partnership agreements, and declarations of trust
  • Attending board meetings and providing ongoing legal and strategic advice

Whether you’re just starting up or not sure what the next best step is for your already accomplished company, our attorneys can help you and your company chart the course that is in your best interest.


Required Documentation

Mergers and acquisitions are often the most important and complex transactions our clients will encounter. Whether our client is seeking to achieve liquidity for stockholders, to acquire complementary business assets, or to divest a line of business that is no longer essential, these transactions tend to involve many different legal considerations, including structuring, finance, tax, securities, intellectual property, and employment benefits. Our corporate lawyers in Columbus, Cleveland and Detroit have extensive mergers and acquisitions experience involving tax-free and taxable mergers, equity and asset acquisitions and dispositions, auction transactions, leveraged buyouts, spinoffs, joint ventures, and strategic acquisition and divestiture programs, among other matters. We work closely with our clients’ senior managers to conduct due diligence and to structure, negotiate, and document transactions in a responsive, cost-efficient manner.

At the earliest stages, we assist our clients in exploring strategic directions for their businesses, including advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of potential transactions. We also help our clients identify potential acquisition targets or potential acquirers and, if appropriate, introduce them to investment bankers to assist in structuring a buy or sell process. Once our client has identified a desirable acquisition target or acquirer, we help them negotiate the letter of intent or term sheet, drawing on our extensive experience representing similarly-situated companies.

After a letter of intent is signed much of the real work begins. We guide clients through complex documents and help negotiate key terms. Whether we are on the sell side or the buy side of a transaction, we are heavily involved in the due diligence process supporting the production and / or review of documents, all the while advising our clients’ Boards of Directors as to their governance and fiduciary duties. Once the due diligence process is complete and the definitive agreements have been negotiated, we work with our clients to obtain the appropriate board, stockholder, third party, and governmental approvals to close the transaction.

Lease Negotiations

In office, medical, retail, or industrial leasing, the Cleveland real estate lawyers at Herman Legal Group work primarily with owners and landlords, but can also count a myriad of commercial tenants among our clients, especially in the context of broader general counsel relationships with small or mid-sized businesses.

We routinely draft, negotiate and advise clients with respect to real estate leases, especially complex commercial leases.

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In the commercial leasing setting, our broad range of experience includes helping our clients with:

  • Lease Negotiations
  • Extension Agreements
  • SNDAs
  • Lease Assignment and Assumption Agreements
  • Signage Rights
  • Renewals
  • Subleases
  • Landlord Consents
  • Industrial Leases
  • Shopping Center Leases
  • Ground Leases
  • Commercial Leasing Programs
  • Green Building Leasing
  • Work Letters
  • Retail Leases
  • Termination and Work-out Agreements
  • Estoppel Certificates and Related Documents
  • Tenant Improvement Work Agreements
  • Permitted Transfers
  • Subleases
  • Lease Guarantees
  • Nondisturbance Agreements
  • Office Leases
  • Build-to-Suit Leases
  • Hotel and Restaurant Leases
  • Sale-Leaseback Transactions

Whether you need advice about the ever-shifting range of commercial lease problems that can arise in the real estate investment or property management business, or if you would like counsel about the best ways to negotiate or renew a business lease agreement with a current or prospective landlord, Herman Legal Group has the experience and resources to help.

Commercial Litigations

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Herman Legal Group represents a broad range of clients in litigation, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution concerning matters that arise while conducting business.

Our litigation attorneys bring decades of experience when handling even the most challenging business disputes, offering distinct areas of expertise in such matters as:

  • Contract Cases
  • Business Torts
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Business Ownership Conflicts
  • Bankruptcy
  • Antitrust Claims
  • Labor and Employment Disputes

Before entering into what could be an expensive and time-consuming process, you need to consider whether litigation is an appropriate course of action for your dispute. At Herman Legal Group we can help you carefully and realistically evaluate your options towards reaching an amicable settlement or proceeding toward litigation in state or federal court. Any form of commercial litigation involves a variety of contractual and legal disputes requiring an experienced attorney. In these cases, we strive to provide personal representation to each of our clients, recognizing the changing issues that arise when dealing with different industries and when litigating claims involve private companies versus public entities. Our extensive trial experience before state and federal agencies and courts means we are able to handle your case from beginning to end.

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