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Helping Our Clients Achieve a Better Life

We are always thrilled when cases work out well for our clients, but immigrant success stories are especially meaningful to us being true advocates of diversity. Designated as a best lawyer in the field of immigration law by U.S. News & World Report, Richard Herman and his team of immigration lawyers in Columbus, Cleveland and Detroit treat their clients like family. Our caring approach is combined with aggressive and proven representation to give each client the best fighting chance at success… and ultimately a safe and prosperous life in America.

Here are just some of the stories we’ve helped unfold. There are literally thousands of individuals who have benefitted by entrusting Herman Legal Group with their legal matters.

Chinese Beneficiary Successfully Obtains Lawful Status through Marriage

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One year after our clients receive an approved I-751, the beneficiary may then apply for US citizenship. Overall, the process from marriage to actual citizenship has a timeframe of four and a half years.

Local Ethnic Restaurant sponsors Chefs through Approved Labor Certification and I-140 Immigrant Worker Petitions

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An up and coming Vietnamese restaurant retained the Herman Legal Group's, Attorney Charmaine Rozario to assist them with sponsoring from Vietnam chefs specialized in Vietnamese cuisine to work at their ethnic restaurant.

J-1 Waiver Approved for Client Subject to Persecution

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Our client retained Herman Legal Group counsel to assist with legal matters and potentially save his life. A citizen of Baghdad, Iraq, our client has been present in the US since 2013 on J-1 status.

Jordan Citizen Prevails on Padilla Motion

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Our client retained Herman Legal Group after being convicted of a removable crime.  Prior to consulting us, our client had been formally represented by a criminal defense attorney unfamiliar with immigration law.  While a criminal lawyer may believe it is in one’s best interest to plead guilty to a crime in order to lessen the charge or sentence, when representing an immigrant, legal counsel must inform his client of possible removal consequences when pleading.

Pending Asylum Grants Family Lawful Status

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Our clients, a married couple, retained Herman Legal Group because they were facing removal proceedings. Our clients were also beneficiaries of an approved Alien Relative Petition (Form I-130) which priority date was not current at the time.

Labor Certification for Indian Software Engineer

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Our client retained Herman Legal Group because it wished to hire a choice Indian software engineer. To secure H-1B visa for that engineer, our client first needed to show that the position was available for U.S. workers, but that no able, willing and qualified U.S. worker took the offer.

Software Engineer Receives H-1B Status

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Herman Legal Group was retained by our client’s parent company. We first applied for labor certification for this beneficiary’s position, and acquired approval early in March, 2015. Upon receiving the labor certification, we quickly submitted H-1B application on behalf of our client.

Labor Certification for Financial Services Granted

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Our client retained Herman Legal Group to help with labor certification. Our client found that only an Indian financial analyst qualified for the opened position. We were therefore hired to prove that no equally qualified natives (American citizens or green card holders) were available for the position being offered, with all of the listed minimal requirements.


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