Father of US Armed Forces Member Granted Stay of Removal in Appellate Court

Our client retained Attorney Frank Krajenke of Herman Legal Group because he was facing removal proceedings. A native and citizen of Mexico, our client and entered the US in the 1990s. He is also a father of five, with the two elder children enrolled as US Armed Forces members, one of which is stationed overseas in Japan.

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Citizen of Jordan Successfully Obtains Marriage Green Card

In 2016, our client, a citizen of Jordan, entered the US on a visitor visa for personal travel. Shortly afterward, he applied for asylum. During the waiting period of the asylum application, our client united in marriage with a US citizen, and Chief Paralegal Connie Cook of Herman Legal Group assisted with filing for a marriage green card application concurrently with closing the asylum case.

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Armenian Tourist Receives F-1 Status after Untimely Service Adjudication Process

While hundreds of applications and thousands of paperwork are filed to the USCIS, it is foreseeable that mistakes or errors may occur from time to time. However, this oversight does not condone putting petitioners at fault for circumstances beyond their control. Our client, a citizen of Armenia, came to the US on a tourist visa. During her visit, she became interested in pursuing an American education.

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Unlawful Entry Waived for Client’s Permanent Residency Approval

Chief Paralegal Connie Cook of Herman Legal Group assisted our client in the process of visa application. Our client entered the US from Guatemala without inspection for personal travel. During his time in the US, our client connected with a friend established a long-term relationship, and the two became parents to a US-born child. Following this relationship, his partner sponsored him in filing an I-130 Petition in order to apply for US lawful permanent resident status.

Military Spouse Cures Unlawful Entry through Parole-in-Place

Our client approached Attorney Richard Herman of Herman Legal Group while seeking to obtain lawful status. Based on her background, this goal would be limited and difficult to achieve. Our client, a native of Mexico, originally came to the US as an undocumented minor. By law, if you enter the States illegally, you cannot adjust your status for lawful permanent residence. Due to these circumstances, our client’s options were to either stay in the US undocumented and at high risk of deportation or leave the country for an extended period of time while applying for waiver.

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Pending Asylum Applicant Receives Quick Marriage Visa Approval

Our client, a citizen of Burkina Faso, came to the US originally seeking asylum. During his time in the states, he obtained work and delivered medication to pharmacies around town. While on the job, he met a woman technician and became drawn to her. Soon later, they began talking and started a relationship, and eventually, the technician became his wife.

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Herman Legal Group Assists Client’s Access to Life-Saving Medical Treatment

Our client, a citizen of Canada, comes from a wealthy, successful family. However, as a young man, he suffered from serious medical issues that consumed his day-to-day life. After seeking medical institutions and trying several treatments in Canada, nothing worked. Our client’s family burdened in distress over their son’s health. Finally, they came across a medical clinic located in Utah that would treat our client’s needs, and after trial, the clinic’s assistance was found successful.

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Panama Citizen Vacates Plea through Effective Counsel

Our client retained Attorney Frank Krajenke of Herman Legal Group after sitting with a criminal conviction for three years. Our client left Panama and came to the US as a child with lawful permanent resident status.

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Indian Student Meets Wife on Visa; LPR Granted after Marriage

Our client, a citizen of India, was present within the US as an international student. During his study, he met a US citizen woman and fell in love. After some time, the couple united in marriage. The couple then was faced with adjusting our client’s nonimmigrant status, establishing their marital relationship, sponsoring our client for eligibility to become a lawful permanent resident—all before his student visa expires.

Green Card Holder Approved for Citizenship Notwithstanding Strict Liability Offense

Our client fell victim to the act. She had been passing through a parking lot of an Illinois shopping mall and was approached by a voting booth representative. Asked if she is registered to vote, our client stated she is not a US citizen. The representative asked if she is married to a US citizen, and if so, she is able to vote due to that status.

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