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Helpful Immigration  Articles

Herman Legal Group’s Richard Herman is a vocal advocate for immigrant rights, always staying on top of the latest immigration reforms and practices. Below are some articles written by Richard Herman that may help you gain a new perspective on the issues that today’s immigrants face.

L-1 Visa Blanket Petitions

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The L-1 visa is used to transfer foreign employees to the United States when the foreign company and the US company or office are related in certain ways (parent/subsidiary, for example). A blanket L-1 petition is used by larger multinational companies to transfer multiple employees to the US on short notice.

How Immigrants are Most Affected by COVID-19 Outbreak

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The US is facing unprecedented times as the coronavirus pandemic has yet to settle. The growing number of confirmed cases in the US, totaling over 82,000, has made the nation the new epicenter of the pandemic, surpassing both Italy and China.

EB-5 Regional Centers

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An EB-5 regional center is an organization designated by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to absorb investments by EB-5 investors seeking permanent residence in the United States through investment. Investing in a regional center is one of two ways that an investor can gain permanent residence in the US through the EB-5 investment program (the other way is through direct investment in a new commercial enterprise).

Form DS-5540 Instructions, Section by Section

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On Feb. 24, 2020, Form DS-5540, Public Charge Questionnaire, became a requirement for most people seeking US permanent residence visas from a US embassy or consulate abroad. The purpose of this form is to allow the examining officer to determine whether it is likely that you will become a “public charge” after you arrive in the United States.

How to file a motion to reopen with the Board of Immigration Appeals

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If a person wants to ask the Board of Immigration Appeals to reopen proceedings in which the Board has already rendered a decision to consider new facts or evidence in the case, he or she can file a motion to reopen with the Board.

How to Complete Form I-539

By |March 23rd, 2020|Categories: Immigration Articles|Tags: , , |

Spouses and the unmarried children of treaty investors and employees who currently legally in the United States can request a change in status to E-2 dependent status or an extension of a valid E-2 visa – by filing Form I-539. Current court cases may affect the ability to file a Form I-539. Family members of E-2 investors and employees should review these cases and their rights with experienced immigration attorneys.

L-1 Visa vs H-1B Visa Comparison

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The L-1 and the H-ฺ1B are two of the most popular employment-based US visas. Some people could potentially qualify for either one and for those with the luxury of making a choice, it is important to understand the difference between these two immigration statuses. While the L-1 is preferable for most people, for some people the H-1B is the best choice.

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