If you intend to apply for a green card in Cleveland, Ohio, you will have to pass a medical examination. But, not any doctor is authorized to provide you with such an examination. Instead, you need to find a doctor who has a license issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Here, we compile a list of doctors with the USCIS authorization in Cleveland’s greater area, medical institutions where you can find them, and their contact information.

Concentra Medical Center

Within this national health care company focused on improving America’s workforce health, there are two locations where you can find doctors who are authorized for a medical examination if you intend to apply for a green card.

Concentra Medical Center is located at 5500 South Marginal Road, Cleveland, OH 44103, there are two doctors with the authorization:

  • Dr. Sandra Fakult; contact: 216-426-9020
  • Dr. Jessica Perse; contact: 216-426-9020

Also, two doctors are at your disposal at 4660 Hinckley Industrial Parkway Unit 7, Cleveland OH 44109

  • Dr. Rhea Richardson; contact: 216-749-2730
  • Dr. Sandra Fakult; contact: 216-749-2730

Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, Inc.

Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, Inc. is located at 8300 Hough Avenue in Cleveland, OH, Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Service is a Federally Qualified Health Center network of community health centers dedicated to improving access to health care and reducing health disparities in Greater Cleveland.

There are three doctors authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS):

  • Dr. Suzanne White; contact: 216-231-7700
  • Dr. Joji Gacad; contact: 216-231-7700
  • Dr. Constancia Castro; contact: 216-231-7700

Neighborhood Family Practice

Neighborhood Family Practice has been serving people in Cleveland with quality primary health care for over 35 years. You can find their authorized doctors at two locations:

  • At 3569 Ridge Road, Cleveland, OH. There is one doctor licensed by the USCIS- Dr. Erick Kauffman; contact: 216-281-0872
  • 11709 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland OH 44111: Dr. Melanie Golembiewski; contact: 216-367-1004

Lakewood Urgent Care

Lakewood Urgent Care provides quality and accessible, personalized evidence-based care. It is located at 1716 Detroit Avenue Lakewood, OH, and within this medical institution, two doctors are authorized to do medical examinations required for the green card:

  • Dr. Bryan Loos; contact: 216-712-7818
  • Dr. Nicolas Young; contact: 216-712-7818

Premier Physicians Centers

Premier Physicians Centers are a community-based, independent physician group practice. Their services include primary care – Family Medicine and Internal Medicine – and other medical and surgical specialists. Located at 3665 West 117th Street, Cleveland OH 44111, there is one authorized doctor:

  • Dr. Ibrahim Bshara; contact: 216-351-0778


MedGroup is conveniently located in University Heights, 13916 Cedar Road, OH 44118. MEDGroup offers extended office hours so that patients can get immediate care during off-hours or even on weekends.
Authorized doctor by the USCIS:

  • Dr. Daniel Breitenbach; contact: 216-397-9000

Ridge Park Urgent Care

Ridge Park Urgent Care is a care center for urgent medical services located at 5500 Ridge Road #120, Cleveland, OH.
A doctor with the USCIS license:

  • Dr. Justin Smith; contact: 216-398-5535

Advanced Medical Services

Advanced Medical Services is a 24-hour, 7- day-a-week, on-and off-site company maintaining strict compliance with Federal regulations.
On its location at 5793 Ridge Road Parma OH 44129, one doctor has the USCIS’s authorization:

  • Dr. Pawan Mangla; contact: 216-502-4320

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