A k-1 visa can be extremely important for some who are passionate about getting married in the United States. Are you one of them and often come across the question of whether you should hire an immigration attorney for your visa application or not? This article would be an excellent read for you as you will know what services an immigration lawyer would offer and how to choose your immigration attorney wisely.

Why is a K visa so crucial for some couples?

The K visa is not only about getting married in the United States; it is more about getting your dreams come true, making your choice destination for marriage, and processing your marriage green card from inside the United States.

For most couples that come to the US on K 1 visa, they want to settle in the United States after getting married, and applying for an immigrant visa from outside the US could take more time and also, the foreign spouse has to stay in their home country until the USCIS made a decision on their immigrant visa petition.

Therefore, we strongly advise couples to apply for a marriage-based green card after getting married on a K-1 visa and then apply for a job in the US. In this way, most foreign citizen fiancé can settle in the US without waiting too long outside the US.

How can K visa lawyers help you?

The K visa attorneys are the one that practices US immigration laws. They will provide you with many services visa consultations, filing your petitions, preparing you for your interview, and filing an appeal for your visa in case of denial.

We at Herman Legal Group are determined to serve our clients in all possible manners, and therefore, we provide comprehensive visa services so that our clients have to put in minimal effort. Our services include:

Initial Consultation

At Herman Legal Group, we take pride in how we deal with our clients. Having an initial consultation with our clients helps us know the needs of the clients and the best possible actions that clients require to fulfill their needs.

And it also helps our clients to be aware of what we are doing and what are our future steps for their visa application. We are proud that our clients are extremely happy with how we treat them. Book a consultation with Herman Legal Group today to discuss anything related to US immigration laws.

Arranging documents and filing petitions

Once you are done with the consultation, the next step is to gather all the essential documents required to get your petition successful. For example, For the I-129F petition (which is the first step to getting your K 1 visa), the United States citizen sponsor has to submit the following set of documents along with the petition:

  • Proof of your US Citizenship (Passport or naturalization certificate)
  • Proof of bonafide relationship (Photos, travel itineraries, testimonials from friends and families, etc.)
  • Proof that you and your alien fiancé have ended previous marriages, if any. (Divorce or court documents, death certificates)
  • Proof of meeting in person at least once in the last 2 years (Photos, travel tickets, etc.)
  • Sworn statements and evidence of your intention to get married within 90 days of entry into the US
  • Passport style photos
  • Copy of passport of your foreign fiancé.

Herman Legal Group makes sure that you have a complete list of documents and satisfactory evidence ready before filling your petition. Once we are satisfied with this, we file your I-129F petition (which the US citizen will sponsor) and send it to the USCIS.

Regularly updating clients about any changes and updates.

The US immigration laws are subject to change, and the processing time of each visa will be different at different times of years. We will update you with the expected waiting time, and if you get any update from the USCIS, such as a receipt letter or RFE (Request for Evidence), you can consult again with our attorneys regarding that.

Help in filing DS 160 and arranging documents for the Interview

Your foreign citizen fiancé has to appear for a K visa interview once the USCIS has approved your I 129f petition and sent it to the US Department of State National visa center, which then will schedule a visa interview for your foreign fiancé at the nearest US embassy or consulate.

However, before that, your foreign fiancé has to complete Form DS 160, which is an online nonimmigrant visa application or actual K visa application, and gather documents to take to the interview. Again our immigration experts will verify the list of documents that your foreign fiance will take to the interview so that they can focus on the interview.

Preparing for the Visa Interview

We have witnessed people panicking because of the interview as they fear that something might go wrong at the interview and they will get their visa rejected. Therefore, we also consult your foreign citizen fiancé to get prepared for their fiancé visa interview by telling them the possible questions that could be asked at the interview and conducting mock interviews.

Herman Legal Group acts in the most professional manner and is one of the top immigration law firms in the city.

Filing Appeals if Any

We are most confident that our applications will not require any appeals; however, in unfortunate cases, the USCIS determining officer may deny the application. You do not have to worry about that because they will state the reasons for the denial and whether we can appeal the decision or not.

Wherever possible, our lawyers will file an appeal for your petition to the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) and hope that the AAO will overturn the previous decision by the USCIS determining officer.

Why should you choose Herman Legal Group as your immigration attorney, and whether it is worth it?

Choosing Herman Legal Group as your immigration attorney would be among the best decisions of your life. Herman Legal Group is an award-winning immigration law firm founded in 1995 by Richard Herman, and since then, we have been providing comprehensive immigration services in all areas of immigration: family, employment, investor, deportation defense, lawful permanent resident, and United States citizenship. We fulfill all the possible reasons why you would select us as your immigration attorney, which are:

Experienced immigration attorney

Our immigration attorneys have years of experience in dealing with a number of visa applications. They know how the whole process works, timelines, and essential documents, which the USCIS officer sees to make a decision on the application.

We have been practicing for more than 27 years and have filed a single application more than 100 times. Therefore, you can give your case to us without thinking twice, and we assure you that we will take care of your case in the best possible manner.

Purely Professional Service

Our immigration attorneys are very professional when it comes to working. They make sure to maintain attorney-client relationship and secure all information provided by our clients as confidential.

Our immigration attorneys will not charge anything extra apart from the fee that they deserve. We have our services available for people speaking different languages, and therefore, it is easier for you to connect with us. You can check our website about our professional services and how we remain connected with our clients from the start until they get their visas to the United States.

Registered with American Immigration Lawyers Associations (AILA)

AILA members get the latest US immigration law information and the changes that are taking place. Being an AILA member, you can tell that the law firm or the attorney is good and updated and can serve you with the right information.

Very high ratings

You can check our client’s testimonials about how our immigration experts have helped them in achieving their dreams of coming to the United States. We are a highly rated law firm and have received awards for the best law firm. We aim to maintain the standards of our services and provide equal standard services to each and every client of ours.

Be aware that a small investment in seeking a consultation can save thousands of dollars and years of frustration due to taking action without the advice of experienced immigration counsel. We, as immigration experts, will advise you to consider hiring an immigration attorney to avoid any trouble in your visa process. It is better to spend earlier on attorney services rather than spending after getting your visa denial.

How to make a consultation with Herman Legal Group?

To schedule a consultation with one of the experienced immigration lawyers at Herman Legal Group by, calling 1-216-696-6170, or by booking online. We do the consultations by zoom, skype, WhatsApp, facetime, or in-office. Doing a consultation with our attorneys can bring peace of mind for you and can significantly save your time, efforts, and resources.

Our consultation will be based on your information and your needs. We will not tell you to have an hour consultation unless your case demand so. You can book consultations not only in English but also in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

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