Cleveland’s soul and identity is the creation of a diverse mixture of its ethnic groups. It makes its character more interesting since it brought different cultures, customs, and a myriad of traditional food.

The significant groups contributing to making Cleveland what it is today are the Irish community, Italian, Polish, German, Chineses, and Slovenian community, along with many others.

Hence, the media brings valuable information to those groups and plays a vital role in facilitating feelings of belonging and social participation. This article will present some of the ethnic media, television, and radio broadcasting in Cleveland and the state of Ohio.

Media Ethnic Groups

La Nueva Mia

La Nueva mia is a non-commercial educational Spanish radio station licensed to Painesville, Ohio. The owner of this radio station is Nelson Cintron, Jr., through licensee La Cadena Mundial Hispana, Inc. (Hispanic World Network). Serving Lake County and eastern parts of Greater Cleveland, you can listen to La Nueva mia radio station at 88.3 FM.

Panorama Hispano News

Panorama Hispano News is the largest among publishers of free monthly online news and community newspaper. Delivering more than 30,000 hardcopy newspapers each month, Panorama Hispano News collaborates with related publications, TBN Media, Ogden Newspapers, and New America Media. Their reputation is built on providing community news in upbeat, unbiased, and easy to read formats.

Cleveland Russian Magazine

Cleveland Russian Magazine has been at the center of news, entertainment, and events happening in the Cleveland area for 27 years. Russian Media, Inc. has been the leading informational source for the Russian-speaking Community of Greater Cleveland and Columbus in Ohio.

Recognized by a weekly newspaper published by Russian Media, Russian Magazine strives to unite the Russian-speaking population throughout the state and serve as a bridge to their culture and country left behind as well as the window to their newly acquired home.

As a merge between the Cleveland Call and the Cleveland Post, a group of local African-Americans established Call and Post. Back in that time, the Call and Post provided extensive coverage of the social and religious life in the African-American community.

It was mostly known to feature sensational coverage of violence on its front page. Once, it was the most influential voice for African-Americans in Cleveland and, ultimately, all Ohio.

The Call and Post filed for bankruptcy in 1995, until boxing promoter Don King purchased it in 1998. Nowadays, it covers local news in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus, including arts and entertainment.

Cleveland Jewish News

Formed in 1964, Cleveland Jewish News is a successor to two Cleveland Anglo-Jewish newspapers – The Jewish Independent and the Jewish Review & Observer. Cleveland Jewish News presents to the Jewish community of Northeast Ohio local, national and worldwide news of Jewish interest.

They strive to enrich the cultural life of both individuals and the community. Besides, its parent company, the Cleveland Jewish Publication Company, publishes:

  • Jstyle (quarterly magazine covering fashion, food, lifestyles);
  • Jstyle Weddings (an annual guide to helping the bride be a plan for the big day);
  • The SOURCE (a directory with comprehensive, useful listings to help readers connect with organizations, agencies, and businesses);
  • Bar•Bat Mitzvah (focused on making the occasion meaningful and festive);
  • Canvas (digest-sized art, music, galleries, performance, and entertainment magazine), Balanced Family (a quarterly magazine covering parenting, aging, and family life).

Bounce TV

As the first African American broadcast network, Bounce TV airs on local television stations’ broadcast signals, featuring a programming mix of original series, specials, off-network series, theatrical motion pictures, and many more. Among the founders of Bounce, you can find two big names of American figures: Ambassador Andrew Young and Martin Luther King, III.


Univision serves the Cleveland Hispanic community by providing various Spanish-language content.

While Hispanics are held as one of the groups with positive population growth in Cleveland, Univision delivers covers events that matter most to the Hispanic community- from local integrations to coverage of music awards shows and fan-favorite soccer tournaments.

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