For those that have questionable citizenship status, are trying to become a citizen, working on a visa for family, or avoiding deportation, there is a definite need for expert legal counsel in the area of immigration laws and statutes. Almost all issues with immigration law cannot be casually resolved without lasting consequences.

This is not something that can be dealt with casually or without intimate knowledge of the laws that govern paperwork, travel, and work permits and applies to both individuals and employers. There are firms that are devoted to providing their assistance to those that need this help the most, whether for themselves or for the affected family members.

When looking for skilled legal counsel you need to find out what types of cases they handle, what is their success rate, what do reviews say about them, and what and how do they charge. Most of this information can be obtained online through Internet browsing and browsing their website.

One of the key ingredients to a successful case is the trust that exists between the lawyer and his/her client. You have to know that they are going to do everything in their scope to make this work for you.

Since most practices specialize in citizenship papers, naturalization procedures, visas, appeals, waivers, and deportation cases it is going to come down to whether they can add your case to their load and whether you want them to take your case. These rules apply to businesses looking for an attorney as well.

Take the first step and check out the immigration lawyers in Cleveland, do your due diligence, and then make a decision once you have all the facts. There is a lot that can depend on the choice you make for yourself and your family.

If you are looking for immigration lawyers in Cleveland, we are here to help you out. We are a team of knowledgeable and compassionate professional immigration lawyers, who help you navigate the immigration process without any hassles.

The Major Problems Faced by Immigrants

There are countless immigration problems and solutions that immigrants face when moving to a new place. The move can be overwhelming because you don’t know what to expect or what might be waiting for you there. 

Knowing where to start your move to Cleveland can be hard; it’s a new country you are unfamiliar with. Moreover, the new place you are moving to has its own culture, which you must adapt to survive.

You will certainly encounter several issues in immigration, but you are not alone. Statistically, according to the United Nations, the United States has the largest immigrant population worldwide. Herman Legal Group is there to lend you a hand and guide you through this new stage of your life.

Major Conflicts and Issues Relating to Immigration?

One of the most significant issues in immigration faced today is the language barrier; it affects communication with others. 

Also, there is a lack of or very limited access to employment opportunities; they will likely face discrimination. Additionally, immigrants are very vulnerable to housing; finding decent, safe, affordable housing can be hard. Other issues in immigration include transportation, cultural differences, and dealing with problematic kids.

In What Ways Is Illegal Immigration Impacting Social Services?

Social services take a major hit when non-citizens illegally live in the country. Some of these negative impacts include:

  • A huge drain on public funds from accommodating the needs of many poor and unskilled illegal immigrants;
  • American workers have to compete with job-desperate illegal immigrants, which depresses legal residents’ wages and working conditions unfairly;
  • Communities overwhelmed by crowded classrooms, limited affordable housing becoming even more limited, and increased strain on precious natural resources;
  • The nation’s security is compromised, giving potential terrorists space to hide in the shadows.

What Are the Ten Leading Problems Faced By Immigrants?

Moving to the United States, you must associate yourself with immigration problems and solutions. There are many of them, but below are the leading ten issues in immigration faced by immigrants.

Index and Absence of Employment Opportunities

Immigrants face a higher chance of discrimination on the job, mostly because of the problems in the design and management of assignments. 

Also, many immigrants don’t enjoy the labor and safety protections that citizen employees enjoy. Additionally, immigrant professionals have issues getting their foreign academic credentials recognized.

Language Barriers and Cultural Differences

Two of the main issues in immigration faced by immigrants are the language barrier and cultural differences. Language barrier means the inability to make informed decisions and having to settle for substandard health care. Meanwhile, cultural differences can range from social customs to bigger issues like religion, the consequences of which even children don’t escape.

Housing and Access to Services

Immigrants face many severe immigration problems, and housing solutions are usually hard to find. These housing issues go beyond just the rate of owning a home, as many are jobless and unable to pay rent. Also, immigrants have poor access to healthcare (rates of medical insurance coverage) and legal services.

Transportation Issues

Issues in transportation that immigrants face range from limited access to reliable transport and age-related unreliability of vehicles (for car owners). This also means getting to work (for those lucky enough to get a job) is a genuine concern for immigrants. Moreover, private transportation is a challenge, considering that most immigrants cannot get a driver’s license.

Possible Problem with the Kids

Children of immigrants face challenging socioeconomic and psychosocial issues in immigration, and there is low mental health support. Apart from these, they can face discrimination and are more likely to struggle in school.

Prejudice and Racism

Prejudice and racism are a given for immigrants; these can be in different forms, including prejudice against ethnic and religious groups. Fortunately, there is widespread recognition of these immigration problems and solutions, like anti-racism policies, are being implemented.

Isolation from Family and Loved Ones

Immigrants from a place where they enjoy strong traditional support structures may feel isolated and alienated. They will likely miss the support of family, friends, and extended social circles in a place where individualism is pried over family.

The Weather

Weather is another issue immigrants will face, although it is one that many people overlook. For most immigrants, adapting to a new (and likely more adverse) climate can be hard – and yet, a necessity. These are equally serious immigration problems and solutions are easily secured by doing proper findings before immigrating.

Improper Understanding of Medical Services

One of the reasons immigrants cannot access a foreign country’s medical services is an improper understanding of how things work. Policy changes in the health system also have limited immigrants; access to medical services and healthcare insurance.

Inability to Understand the Laws

Understanding the laws of the new country you are moving to is essential because things work differently in different countries. If you’re moving to Cleveland, for instance, you want to familiarize yourself with Cleveland’s rules and regulations. Sadly, this is not an easy feat to achieve because there are many things immigrants find difficult to understand.

Herman Legal Group is an award-winning, nationally-recognized law firm that has helped thousands of immigrants move to and settle in the U.S. With over twenty-five years of experience; we have helped immigrants, representing them in court where necessary. 

We take the pain to understand our clients, personally and professionally, to provide adequate resources.

Also, the language barrier is not a problem; we are fluent in several languages, allowing us to communicate with clients. Therefore, reach out to us today by booking online or calling us at +1-216-696-6170 

Frequently Asked Questions

How would a border wall help the U.S. Immigration problem?

A border wall in the United States can help protect its wealth and population. It can also help protect the states’ cultural practices from the potential influence of other value systems that immigrants possess. 

Furthermore, the wall prevents illegal drug trafficking, human smuggling activities, and border crossings.

How can the U.S. immigration system be fixed?

The U.S. immigration system can be fixed by implementing the Obama commonsense immigration reform proposal. 

The proposal encourages border strengthening and cracking down on companies that hire undocumented workers. Also, undocumented immigrants will be held accountable before obtaining their citizenship, and the legal immigration system should be streamlined.

Do illegal immigrants get welfare and health insurance?

Uninsured undocumented immigrants are not eligible for welfare, health insurance, and other federally funded coverage options. Nevertheless, they may have access to federal benefits deemed necessary to guarantee safety or protect life in emergencies.

What negative impact does immigration have on society?

The argument is that immigration causes overcrowding, extra pressure on public services, and congestion. 

Many also debate whether or not the immigration of unskilled workers results in the unemployment of native workers or downward pressure on wages. The downward pressure on the wages of native-born workers is largely due to the increased number of workers caused by immigration.

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