The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa specifically destined for U.S based employers or businesses who wish to bring foreign nationals to work for them in job vacancies that meet the specialty occupation standards.

Not only that, but the applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements imposed by the USCIS in order to qualify for the specialty occupation. A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in a field directly related to the job vacancy are usually the minimum entry level.

Luckily, Programmer Analyst specialization is one of the occupations that are eligible for an H1B visa! Find out more details as you keep reading.

H1B visa for Programmer Analyst Entry Requirements  

Programmer analysts are individuals who specialize in software programming, system analysis, and maintenance of business software applications. Their duties usually involve writing and elaborating complete and detailed computer programs as well as complex software.

They play a critical and essential role in various IT companies to guarantee efficient and accessible ways to manage workflow. The high demand of this specialization paves the way for very beneficial work opportunities for programmer analysts allowing them to make very competitive salaries.

Luckily for programmer analysts, their specialization is one of the specialty occupations, therefore allowing them to apply for an H1B visa. However, like any other profession, certain requirements imposed by the U.S have to be met in order to be eligible to work in America under the H1B visa program.

Some of those requirements include the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree as minimum entry level in a field directly related to programming analysis such as computer science, information science or management information systems.
  • You must have the necessary skills to perform your work duties.
  • Demonstrate that there are no qualified U.S applicants for the job.
  • Your employer has to file a labor condition with the Department of Labor concerning the details, terms and conditions of your contract.
  • Your employer has to pay the required fees.

You can find more details about the eligibility requirements as well as processing times at The USCIS specialty occupations.

Programmer Analyst H1B Sponsorship Data

Year Approval Rate Denial Rate
2015 98.99% 1.01%
2016 99.31% 0.69%
2017 99.39% 0.61%
2018 98.15% 1.85%
2019 99.17% 0.83%
2020 100% 0%
2021 99.73% 0.27%
2022 99.92% 0.08%

Average prevailing wages for Programmer Analyst in the U.S

A bachelor’s degree is the typical entry-level education while the median annual wage for computer programmers was around $93,000 annually and $44.71 per hour in May 2021, while the number of jobs for this specialization in 2021 was around 174,400.

However, for computer systems analysts, the median annual wage was around $99,270 and $47.73 per hour in May 2021. A bachelor’s degree is also the typical entry-level education and the number of jobs in demand for this specialty in 2021 is estimated at 538,800.

You can also check Management and Program Analyst Pay and Benefits for more details about the prevailing wages and average income!

Programmer Analyst main employers and cities

Number of Filed Petitions in 2021 Popular Employers Main Cities
163,226 ·         Dalton State College

·         Thinklusive Inc

·         Ciber Global Llc

·         Maganti It Resources Llc

·         Welkin Technologies Llc

·         Ny Systems Inc

·         Synapsis Inc

·         Matanuska Susitna Borough

·         Los Angeles Unified School District

·         Chemtex Environmental Laboratory Inc

·         Erp Analysts Inc

·         Kyyba Inc

·         Dalton

·         Phoenix

·         Troy

·         Naugatuck

·         Baton Rouge

·         Bloomington

·         Loveland

·         Ellicott City

·         Palmer

·         White Plains

·         Florham Park

·          Los Angeles

·         Port Arthur

·         Mclean

·         Dearborn

H1B visa for Programmer Analyst Basic Processing Information

  • SOC Code for Computer Systems Analysis is: 15-1211.00
  • Job Zone 4
  • SVP Range: 0 to < 8.0
  • 3 Digit LCA Code for Computer Systems Analysts: 030
  • H-1B Visa Filing Address:
  • USCIS Fees:
  • $460 I-129 Fee.
  • $500 anti-fraud fee.
  • If the company has 25 or more employees: $1,500.
  • If the company has less than 25 employees: $750.
  • Optional Premium Processing : $2,500.

USCIS Memos for H-1B Visa Computer Systems Analysts

Direct Link to USCIS: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Office of the Director (MS 2000) Washington, DC 20529-2000

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