The H1B visa which is a non-immigrant temporary work visa is initiated by a U.S based employer for the benefit of a foreign worker to occupy a job position that meets the specialty occupation standards.

Before initiating the H1B visa procedures for a foreigner the employer must prove that he was not able to find an American employee who is qualified enough to perform the work among other eligibility requirements. Some of these requirements involve the applicant having theoretical and practical knowledge as well as holding at least a bachelor’s or higher degree in the work field  or in a directly related field as a minimum entry level into the occupation.

H1B Visa for Senior Software Engineer Entry Requirements

The H1B visa cap plays a big role in granting these type of visas, as they are in high demand and currently the fiscal year cap is at 65,000. In addition to that, 20,000 extra visas are available for Masters Degree holders, so if you have a masters degree from a U.S institution then you are lucky!

Keep in mind that if your employer is an institution of higher education, a nonprofit organization connected to an institute of higher education, or a government research organization, then in your case the visa cap does not apply. If your specialization is subject to the U.S H1B visa cap, then you have to electronically register with the USCIS and enter the lottery, either by doing so yourself or through the help of an attorney. 

  • A  valid job offer matching the specialty occupation criteria, in this case a vacancy for the role of senior software engineer from a U.S. employer requiring knowledge Proof of at least a bachelor’s degree in this field.
  • A Labor Conditions Approval (LCA) presented by your employer concerning the details, terms and conditions of your work contract.
  • Form I-129 submitted by your employer. 
  • Proof of a stable “employer-employee” relationship, meaning that the employer must pay a regular salary to the foreign worker. Usually by paying the prevailing wage, or the actual wage (whichever is higher) for the position of senior software engineer in the geographic area of the employment similar to other companies in the same industry, and receive the standard and basic employee benefits provided by the employer.

Senior Software Engineer H1B Sponsorship Data

H1B visa applications for senior software engineering job positions have had a relatively high approval rate between 2015 and 2022. With a highest denial rated of 1.38% for both 2015 and 2016. 

Year Approval Rate Denial Rate
2022 99.86% 0.14%
2021 99.81% 0.19%
2020 100.00% 0.00%
2019 99.60% 0.40%
2018 99.14% 0.86%
2017 99.04% 0.96%
2016 98.79% 1.21%
2015 98.44% 1.56%

Average prevailing wages and top employers for Senior Software Engineer in the U.S

The average salary of a senior software engineer in the U.S is estimated at 150$ with an additional cash compensation of $21,832 making a total of $172,642. However, that remains subject to variations depending the geographic location of the job as well as the employing company itself.

Company Name Average Median Salary for H1B Senior Software Engineer
Wal-Mart Associates $138,733
Bloomberg $189,829
Uber Technologies $183,632
Epam Systems $117,100
Microsoft $159,169
Intuit $158,531
Capital One Services $116,755
Globallogic $120,633
Lowe’s Companies $129,976
Salesforce.Com $136,854

Senior Software Engineer top-hiring Cities

Some of the top-hiring areas in the United States for senior software engineers in no particular order, include California, Texas, Colorado as well as Massachusetts. Find out more details below!

Rank City Average Salary
1 New York, NY $126,408
2 San Francisco, CA $142,808
3 Seattle, WA $132,944
4 Chicago, IL $105,061
5 Sunnyvale, CA $145,710
6 San Jose, CA $136,951
7 Atlanta, GA $100,771
8 Houston, TX $103,969
9 Austin, TX $109,341
10 Charlotte, NC $105,109
11 Mountain View, CA $151,855

H1B visa for Senior Software Engineer Basic Processing Information

In general the processing time of an H1B visa varies between 1 to 6  months but it can take more than that, up to one year depending on the circumstances as well as the service center. While the California and Nebraska Service Centers take on average between 2.5 to 4 or 6 months, the Vermont Service Center however usually takes much longer to process H1B visas and you can use your uscis receipt number that is made up of 13 digits to find out where your application is being processed.

You may use premium processing which offers 15 day processing time if you wish  to speed up the process.

H1B Visa Fee

H1B visa fees which are listed below, must be paid by the employer. The only exception which allows the employee himself to pay is the premium processing fee. Considering that it is optional and it grants the possibility of speeding up the visa processing procedures.

Type of fee Amount in $ Paid for by
Registration Fee $10 Employer
Premium Processing Fee (optional) $2,500 Employer or  Employee
Public Law 114-113 Fee $4,000 Employer
Basic Filing Fee $460 Employer
USCIS Anti-Fraud Fee $500 Employer
ACWIA Education and Training Fee
  • $750 (less than 25 employees)
  • $1,500 (more than 25 employees)
Attorney Fee Variable Employer

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