H1B visa types are used by American employers to bring foreign workers to U.S to perform specialty occupations. That being said, the foreign national will work in a field that requires specialized knowledge and unique skills.

Which means that he is someone who meets the job requirements that the employer could not find in a U.S-based worker. If you are a systems analyst then the H1B visa might be your ticket to working in the U.S. Find out more details as you keep reading.

H1B Visa for Systems Analyst Entry Requirements

There are certain requirements that each systems analyst must fulfill in order to be eligible for an H1B visa such as the following;

  • The applicant should hold a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree (or the foreign equivalent) in a field directly related to systems analysis.
  • Applicant must possess deep knowledge in systems analysis  and the degree requirement for the job has to be common to similar jobs in the industry.
  • The work duties must requires professional skills and expertise in systems analysis.
  • The employer must prove that there is a lack of qualified US applicants for the position.

Once all paperwork is ready, the petition has to be submitted to USCIS in one of its four locations: either in Nebraska Service Center, Vermont Service Center, Texas Service Center, or California Service Center. The employer will also have to include the fee checks as well as the necessary supporting documents. Some of which are the following;

  • Form G-28 in case an attorney represents the employer.
  • Form I-129
  • Other documents :
    • Proof that the foreign worker has the necessary educational qualifications (copies of diplomas/certifications)
    • Copy of the foreign worker’s passport.
    • A copy of the contract signed by both of the employer and his future employee.
    • Internal Tax Returns of the employer’s company.
    • A report of state wages paid to employees.
    • 15 photographs of the premise of the employer’s business.

 Systems Analyst H1B Sponsorship Data

Year Approval Rate Denial Rate
2015 99.05% 0.95%
2016 99.31% 0.69%
2017 99.41% 0.59%
2018 99.13% 0.87%
2019 99.73% 0.27%
2020 99.95% 0.05%
2021 98.96% 1.04%
2022 99.91% 0.09%

Average prevailing wages for Systems Analyst in the U.S

Average salaries for systems analysts are different from an employer and a city to another. As of 2021, the average salary for systems analysts was $99,270 per year.

However, that remains subject to increased compensation and variation in the form of bonuses and stocks. The following data represents a general idea of the average median salaries for H1B systems analysts in the U.S!

Company Name Average Median Salary for H1B systems analysts
Compunnel Software Group $105,309
Coforge F/K/A Niit Technologies $90,966
Tech Mahindra $89,800
Birlasoft $83,147
Ust Global $83,810
Hexaware Technologies $85,508
Natsoft $102,453
Publix Super Markets $117,579
Visa Technology & Operations $108,889
Bitwise $84,050

Systems Analyst main Employers and Cities

Take a look at the following data to know some of the highest paying cities for Systems Analysts in the United States.

Rank City Average Salary
1 New York, NY $135,381
2 San Francisco, CA $153,056
3 Seattle, WA $137,843
4 San Jose, CA $147,643
5 Austin, TX $117,909
6 Chicago, IL $111,267
7 Sunnyvale, CA $154,276
8 Atlanta, GA $105,984
9 Mountain View, CA $162,028
10 Houston, TX $105,542

H1B visa for Systems Analyst Basic Processing Information

Normally, H1B visa processing time takes 1 month to 6 months. However, that also depends on the service center in which it is being processed. The California and Nebraska Service Centers for example take an average of 2.5 to 4.5 months to process H1B visas. On the other hand, the Vermont Service Center takes much longer than that; between 12 to 15 months for them to process a petition.

Another detail that is worth mentioning is the fact that employers are not allowed to file multiple petitions for the same employee. If The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services finds out that an employer did so, they will deny the petition without refunding the fees.

For the regular H1B visa petitions, only 65,000 are selected. If there are more than 65,000 petitions, the USCIS conducts a random selection again to reach this number. The rest of the applications that were not selected will be returned to the employers who filed the petitions together with their fees. Nevertheless, that does not prevent them from trying again next year.

H1B Visa Fees

H1B visa application fees are to be paid by the employer who is sponsoring the worker. Which is also one of the most important imposed requirements.

The typical H1B processing fees include the following:

  • $500 anti-fraud fee.
  • $460 I-129 Fee.
  • If the company has 25 or more employees: $1,500.
  • If the company has less than 25 employees: $750.
  • Optional Premium Processing: $2,500.

USCIS Memos concerning H-1B Visa for Systems Analyst

Direct Link to USCIS: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Office of the Director (MS 2000) Washington, DC 20529-2000

A degree in one specific major is not required – 3Q Digital, Inc. v. USCIS

A specialty occupation is a job that “normally” requires “a” bachelor’s degree – Next Generation Tech., Inc. v. JohnsonTaylor Made Software v. Cuccinelli, 3Q Digital, Inc. v. USCIS

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