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Herman Legal Group’s devoted office in South Church Street in Charlotte gathers the most skilled, competent and top-rated attorneys in the United States. Our dedicated team of lawyers remains available for consultation, providing you with help and guidance either through the legal procedures of applying for your H1B visa or any other legal-related matter. Our services are customized to your specific needs and serve your best interests. Our culturally diverse team, which speaks over 12 different languages soothes your worries and makes helping you a priority.

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Herman Legal Group gathers the most trustworthy, skilled and top-rated immigration and general attorneys in the United States. Our legal team speaks more than 12 languages and has over 25 years of combined experience.

We understand your worries, care for your future and provide you with customized legal services to make sure you go through a pleasant experience. Do not hesitate to call Herman Legal Group for more details and schedule an appointment with attorney Richard Herman!

We remain available to help you wherever needed in Charlotte, North Carolina its surrounding areas and all over the United States!

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Cleveland Immigration Lawyer Richard Herman



Richard Herman is a nationally recognized immigration lawyer and immigration activist. He is the founder of Herman Legal Group headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our history

Herman Law Group was founded by Richard Herman because of his sincere belief that immigration makes America stronger . Richard has been a global advocate for immigrant rights for many years, with over 20 years of experience helping immigrants achieve their goals to live, work and find happiness in the United States.

Richard has assembled a team of legal experts who share his passion for helping individuals and businesses navigate the complex world of immigration law. We treat our clients like family and strive to achieve the most efficient and harmonious outcome in every situation.

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