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Herman Legal Group’s office in Worthington, Columbus congregates some of the best H1B immigration attorneys in the United States. Our devoted, caring and passionate legal team remains at your disposal, supporting your needs and providing you with a customized legal service in multiple matters, including H1B visa processing that uniquely applies to your personal situation.

What’s It Like Living in Columbus, Ohio?

If you are considering Columbus as your work destination in the U.S, then you made a wise decision! In short, the benefits and advantages of living and working in Columbus are countless and beyond measure, featuring vigorous employment opportunities, reasonable housing and living costs as well as numerous entertainment options, thanks to its booming employment industries, Columbus is home to diverse immigrant communities offering them incredible resources, remarkable job vacancies and incredible value.

It is among the top 5 cities which are popular for working in technology including the industry giants IBM, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Therefore, offering plenty of local jobs and getting and H1B visa sponsorship is one way to get things started and embark on your new journey! For more details, about Immigration Information and Resources in Columbus, Ohio click here !

Moving to Columbus through an H1B visa!

If you already secured a job opportunity in Columbus with a reliable employer then you got through one of the hardest parts of the moving process, if not! Then you still need to search for well-fitted job vacancy that matches your skills, field of expertise and brings you one-step closer to living in your dream city!

That being said, both of these situations will lead you to applying for an H1B visa, which is the best and most commonly used way of moving forward with your job application. In short, the H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa, specialized for alien personnel to come to the United States for temporary work and perform services in “specialty occupations” for which they are well qualified. Since H-1B visas are an employer-sponsored status, the hiring department of the job you secured is responsible for starting the H-1B process and paying all the relevant fees.

Briefly said, going through the details, procedures, requirements and conditions implemented by U.S legal system when applying for an H1B visa can become quite complicated. Therefore, to avoid getting lost in the proceedings and keeping away from any risk of rejection, investing in a good immigration attorney who is well-versed and specialized in H1B visa matters would be the smartest and most vigilant thing to do.

Eligibility Requirements 

Securing a valid specialty occupation vacancy in Columbus with a reliable Employer plus having a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in combined education and experience are the two essential conditions that lay the ground for the rest of the eligibility requirements.

Once you do that, The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will determine if the position you secured constitutes a specialty occupation and if you are qualified to perform the services.

Afterwards, your employer has to file a labor condition with the Department of Labor concerning the details, terms and conditions of its employment contract with you, and then you will have to prove that you have the ability to work in that specific specialty occupation.

Do you need an H1B Immigration Attorney?

Discussing the details of your eligibility to apply for an H1B visa and establish a customized plan that serves your best interests is always a good idea especially when immigration law is involved because it is an ever-changing system, and navigating it can be confusing and frustrating especially if you come from a foreign country.

Therefore, to get the odds in your favor, increase your chances of approval and have a pleasantly memorable experience you should definitely consult with a good immigration attorney.

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At Herman legal group, we provide you with the best H1B legal services, our devoted and experienced immigration attorneys and paralegals will give you an insightful overall outlook and evaluation of your situation while guiding you and providing you with the appropriate assistance during every step of the way towards getting your H1B visa.

Call Herman Legal Group and schedule an appointment with immigration attorney Richard Herman to and start off your H1B visa application on the right foot! We assist you wherever needed, whether in Columbus, OH, its surrounding regions or throughout the entire United States.

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