Every year around 2,00,000 H1b applications are made to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and 85,000 H 1b visas are provided by the USCIS in the capped category and a few more for those who apply in the cap-exempt category. Though the visa process is self-explanatory, you are prone to make mistakes when you apply by yourself without any help from an immigration expert.

In this article, we will explain to you should you take the help of an immigration attorney with your H 1b application and what should you seek while taking such help.

Do I Need Immigration law Firm Services for my H 1b visa?

This question cannot be answered with a Yes or No. The best answer to this question is how much you weigh the value of your H 1b visa. It is not true that only applications done by immigration lawyer gets accepted by the USCIS. You can make your own application as well; however, we (Herman Legal Group), as an immigration law services provider in the US, can assure you that taking the help of an immigration attorney in your H 1b visa application can significantly increase the chances of submitting the correct application that has highest chances of approval, remove any ambiguity in the circulation of employment immigration information to you and provide easiness in the process when most of the processes are taken care of by our leading immigration team.

Herman Legal Group pledge to provide the following benefits in our services:

  • We strictly maintain the attorney-client relationship and avoid any disclosure of information to the outside world. Everything you shared with our experts remains with them, and maintaining clients’ privacy is one of our utmost duty.
  • Our immigration attorneys are well trained and well equipped with immigration processes and knowledge to provide the best immigration services in America.

What should I check before selecting an immigration lawyer for h 1b visa?

As a foreign worker, it becomes ofter hard to choose the right immigration attorney in the US. You might wonder what factors should I consider or look for while making such a selection. We suggest you look for the following factors that can help you make a wise choice that will be worth your money:

#AILA Member

You should ensure that the attorney that you choose has the right immigration knowledge and experience to handle your H 1b visa process. You can check if your attorney is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). An AILA member indicates that your attorney devotes a lot of time to American immigration, and they are a good choice for you for handling your immigration case law.

#Legal Fees

Legal services could be expensive, and you should be satisfied that the fees charged by the attorney are proportional to the expertise and service provided by them. Some US attorneys charge fees on a per hour basis and not on a case basis. This means that your end billing will be calculated on the basis of time spent by the attorney on the case.

For example – Sam is an immigration attorney who charges $150/hour for his services. Michael hires Sam to file his H 1b visa application and a pre-consultation of 1 hour. It took Sam 4.5 hours to make the whole application. So the billing would be $675 in this case. Visa versa, you may find attorneys charging in packages such as Sam may file all H 1b visas for $700. So, irrespective of the amount of time spent by Sam on the case, the amount will be $700 only.

#H 1b Visa Experience

Some law firms specifically deal with H 1b visas, while some do specifically family visas, and some do comprehensive. Before selecting your H 1b visa attorney, you should check if they have previous experience in H 1b cases.

This is because it may be possible that your case is the first H 1b case your attorney is filing, and he may not know the possible errors that he can make. That is why file your visa with Herman Legal Group who have a vast experience in H 1b cases and our team have filed a number of H 1b visas before.

What are the legal fees for our services?

We do not charge any higher than the other attorneys in America will charge for the same service. Our fee structure varies on the type of service obtained by you, the type of visa you are applying for, and the complexity of your immigration process.

Our legal fee structure is fair and transparent with no hidden fees, and everything is told beforehand in your first consultation with our immigration experts.

What Services do we provide for H 1b Visas?

Herman Legal Group provides comprehensive visa services for H 1b visas which includes:

1#H 1b visa filing

We take care of your H 1b visa filing from scratch. Get a consultation with our team of experts and tell them about your case goals. Our experts will help you:

  • Determining that your bachelor’s degree is related to your job field.
  • Do prevailing wage search for your job position in different areas and by different companies.
  • Determine whether your job is a specialty occupation job.
  • Help in filing your Labor Condition Application.
  • Help in filing Form I-129.
  • File a premium processing fee if you have opted for a premium processing service.
  • Our team will take care of any other procedure in your H 1b visa filing.

2#H 1b visa transfer/extension Application filing

H 1b visa is granted for up to three years and if you want to work for more than three years, your H 1b visa employer has to file for an extension. We will help in filing the extension application.

  • Talk to our experts and they will help in filing for your extension application.
  • Our services extend till the approval of your extension application.

Furthermore, if in the period of 3 years you decided to change your H 1b employer we will file your transfer petition as well.

3#F-1 to H 1b visa transfer

In the United States, a number of foreign nationals take admission in American universities to broaden their career prospects and find a good job in the US companies. After the completion of their studies, they go for Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or get a H 1b job in the US.

Take help from Herman Legal Group experts to transfer your F 1 visa to H 1b nonimmigrant worker visa.

Why should you choose Herman Legal Group?

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