Writing a letter doesn’t come easy to most of us, especially to a governmental body like the US government. This article contains samples of letters to the USCIS, including visa application letters and employment letters.

A detailed letter should not only provide details about your person for a labor condition application or any other work you are applying for, it should also show you are qualified to be a beneficiary with adequate experience in that field.

For some, the reason they may have to write a letter is for a petition on behalf of a beneficiary. Whatever the case may be, your letter either to show you are qualified for a posting, earn the minimum wage, or have the experience to carry out a specialty task has to be detailed.

A poorly written letter can truncate the documentation process or mean you do not have the equivalent university degree as an employee to work for a particular employer.

H1B Beneficiary Employer’s Letter for US Visa Application Format

Depending on your situation and job responsibilities as an employee, your employer may write a letter for a US visa application in this format:

[Company’s Official Letterhead]

[Employment verification letter issue date by employer]

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to certify that Mr. / Mrs. [applicant’s first name] [applicant’s last name] is an employee at [organization or company name] working as a [job designation] since [date started] in line with the guidance provided for that role. Their current gross salary is [xx,000] USD [gross salary in words] based on the methodologies for calculation.

If you have more inquiries concerning Mr. / Mr. [first name]’s employment or the position they occupy, don’t hesitate to contact our office at [company HR contact info].


[Letter issuer’s signature]

[Designation] or [HR]

H1B US Visa Client Letter Sample

Note that the wordings in this sample letter can be suited to your specific needs and related details:



Visa Officer,

The Consulate General of the U. S. A. (Write in full),

[Address of the issuer of the letter], e.g., Mumbai, 500 005,


Dear Officer (or sir/ma),

The following are the duties and projects of Mr. [your name] during his stay in the United States with our organization or company. Mr. [your name] is to perform as a [your job title] using his xx skills on the project below:

[Project description]

[Your responsibilities]

Required skills: skill-1, skill-2…skill-n

[Project start date]

[Project location]


Letter issuer’s name,


Phone number

FOIA Request Cover Letter Sample

[FOIA Request Cover Letter – center aligned]

[Your name – aligned right]

[Your address – aligned right]

[Date – aligned left]

National Records Center

FOIA/PA Office

PO Box 786372

Chonda Rhymes, 20394-1124

Dear sir/madam,

Please find enclosed our request for the [name on request]’s records under the Freedom of Information Act.

Please, feel free to reach out to us through the provided contact information if you have any questions. Thank you.



[Your name]

Guide for H-1B Faculty Support Letter

Here are a few tips to guide you in writing a faculty support letter:

  • Write in English; no other language will be accepted;
  • State whether you’re a US legal resident or citizen;
  • Indicate your relationship with the H-1B applicant;
  • Write the reason(s) for the visit and their stay duration;
  • Include your contact details: full name, phone, email, residential address;
  • Double-check to ensure the information is accurate and all details are complete.

What do Faculty and Scholar Immigration Services do?

Faculty and Scholar Immigration services in every university offer immigration assistance to departments, international employees, and exchange visitors within their jurisdiction. They offer any employment type to a foreign national schooling in that university, host a visiting colleague for research collaboration in the university, and sponsor a guest lecturer.

They also sponsor a guest artist or performer and invite international scholars to participate in or fill an opening for a conference or symposium organized by the university. The performing artist will be provided with all the necessary details and answers to questions they may have about their rights and addition doing their continue stay in the university.

H-1B Visa Letter to USCIS for In-House Employment in a Consulting Company Format

Below is a format for an H-1B visa letter for in-house employment in a software consulting company to the USCIS for H-1B petition.

[Company Letterhead carrying Employer’s name]


US Department of Homeland Security,

US Citizenship and Immigration Services,

[State – e.g., California] Service Center



Donna Paulsen, CA 93294-1023

RE: [company name’s form 1-129, Non-immigrant worker’s petition, (H-1B) on behalf of [applicant’s name]

Dear Sir or Madam,

We hereby submit a petition for a non-immigrant employee for Mr. (employee’s name) as a (job title) on a temporary basis at (company name).


[Name of authorized person]


[Employer or company name]

[Contact number]

H-1B Cover Letter: Details to Include

H1B visa cover letter should include the following information:

  • The letter should be printed on the company’s letterhead,
  • Company name and address,
  • USCIS details, including the address and ATTN.
  • Petitioner name, position, and case type.
  • Information about the company,
  • Description of the position provided, and
  • Applicant’s qualifications.

Invitation Letter for US Tourists and Visitors Visa

The invitation letter for a US visa for tourists and visitors is provided by the visa sponsor to the applicant. The said sponsor will provide this letter to invite relatives, including parents, and guests, to the United States. Parents applying for this visa to visit their children in the US may bring the letter to the H-1B visa interview. The invitation letter can be a supporting document during the interview.

Sample US Tourist and Visitor Visa Invitation Letter


[Sponsor’s name]



Contact Numbers:

Home: (xxx) xxx – xxxx

Work: (xxx) xxx – xxxx

[Email address]


[Name of visitor]

[Address of visitor]

Dear [visitor(s)],

I invite you to spend your vacation with us in the US. We plan to visit [tourist places to visit], and this will be an opportunity to show you the American lifestyle and culture.

I will cover your entire USA tour expenses, including airfare, food, tools, round trip, medical insurance, housing, and personal expenses.

Thus, I am sending all the required documents for obtaining the necessary visa from [US Consulate name, e.g., Chennai Consulate]


[Sponsor’s signature]

[Sponsor’s full name]

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You face much pressure when it comes to writing an official letter to the US government for an H-1B visa. Thus, you need to gather all the information you can about how the letter should go and what should and shouldn’t be in it.

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