Immigrants and refugee populations need all the support they can get before transitioning into a new life in Buffalo, NY.

In the list below, we highlight what kind of assistance you can access – available for all community members and their children.

Health Care Assistance

Here are the following assistance services you can ask for:

Mental Health Care

Immigration can cause anxiety and general discomfort, especially if there are various languages and language barriers at play.

You can also look into counseling for couples, individuals, and children.

Children’s Clinics

Primary medical care for clients’ children are a must, especially for whole families moving together.

Chemical Dependency

The instability of housing, employment, and citizenship may affect a person’s mental health care enough to the point of substance abuse risk. Intense trauma can be addressed by a mental health care program focused on chemical dependency.

Hospitals Around Buffalo, NY

Looking for referrals for the best community health care possible around New York? See our list below for a comprehensive guide. You can book medical appointments at:

Other Community Partners and Additional Services


Learning trades and training programs are available for immigrants who seek to access and join the workforce after seeking asylum. The path to employment is made easier with the assisting program, too!

Education and School-Based Services

Educational services offer programs that create opportunities for clients. Engaging resources are there to integrate refugees into their diverse cultures.

Simply fill out forms for school-based services as well – from social work services to health care counseling.

Family and Parent Resources

Parents of child refugees especially struggle during the immigration process. Parental practices, childcare, and other programs are the focus of this resource.

Basic Needs, Care Coordination, and Domestic Violence Resources

Rapid rehousing, education, food, and pantry services are also offered.

Survivors, meanwhile, can access confidential services regarding domestic violence and human trafficking. This assistance includes counseling, as well as empowerment programs for men and women.

Inquire at the International Institute of Buffalo

We recommend this non-profit organization for Buffalo immigrants.

The International Institute helps immigrants reintegrate into American culture and society. They offer workforce, homeownership, and growth assistance as well.

One of the biggest challenges in immigration is the language barrier. With this, the International Institute helps out as well by providing reliable interpreting services to those who need it.

For more details on how the International Institute can help, you can check out our article here.

We Offer Neighborhood Legal Services

The immigration process is difficult and often isolating. However, you must remember: you are not alone.

The Herman Legal Group is an international institute that can help you with the above immigration services in Western New York.

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