Chicago hosts over 100 institutes of higher education, including world-class universities such as the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. Many of these institutions attract a large number of international students, and most of them have established international student offices that offer a variety of services.

5 Major Chicago Colleges and Universities

Loyola University Chicago International Student and Scholar Services

Over 1,000 international students attend Loyola University Chicago. The Loyola University Chicago International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office is dedicated not only to the success of these students but also to the numerous international faculty and staff that are associated with the school. The office’s goals include:

  • To integrate the initially disparate international community over all of the various campuses that make up Loyola University Chicago;
  • To provide effective immigration advice; and
  • To offer events that actively engage international students and scholars with Chicagoans both on and off-campus.

The University of Chicago Office of International Affairs

Over 4,000 international students are enrolled at the University of Chicago. The Office of International Affairs offers the following services among others:

  • Walk-in (no appointment) advising during designated hours for immigration discussions lasting 10-15 minutes, urgent matters or review of Optional Practical Training applications”
  • Documentation necessary to authorize on-campus employment;
  • Document pick-up;
  • Notary public services;
  • Assistance with Social Security numbers and ITINs; and
  • Other services of special concern for international students.

DePaul University International Student Services

About 1,500 international students attend DePaul University. DePaul University International Student Services offers:

  • An international student orientation;
  • The International Student Experience Exchange Peer Mentor Program, which provides international students with a mentor that possesses the skills necessary to enhance the experience of an international student,
  • A Global Coffee Hour program that helps introduce new international students to student life at DePaul University so that they can successfully meet their goals at Depaul;
  • Assistance with F-1 or J-1 immigration status; and
  • Referrals to services offered by the university

The foregoing is only a sampling of the many services and programs that DePaul University offers its international students.

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) International Student Services

Over 3,000 international students attend the Illinois Institute of Technology at any given time. International student services can help them:

  • Maintain valid immigration status by advising om compliance with immigration regulations and by providing resources that will allow international students to keep up with any changes in these regulations;
  • Update I-20 forms, change immigration status or apply for Optional Practical Training;
    Obtain employment on campus; and
  • Overcome “culture shock” and adjust to life in the United States;

International student services also offer Individual and group orientations; assistance with immigration-related document preparation; workshops on various issues confronting international students such as taxes, employment, and available university and community resources; the English Conversation Partner Program; an International Festival, and tours of Chicago.

Northwestern University Office of International Student and Scholar Services

Northwestern University is widely considered to be an elite academic institution, and it attracts many international students — about 5,500 can be found on campus during the Fall and Spring semesters.

The Northwestern University Office of International Student and Scholar Services (OISS) seeks to enrich the experience of international students by:

  • Providing advice and support;
  • Engaging in advocacy on behalf of international students on campus, in the community, and with government agencies; and
  • Promoting educational and cultural exchanges among international students and between international students and the wider Northwestern community.

OISS conducts an orientation for international students in the form of a weekly lunch and discussion series, a three- to four-0day orientation for new undergraduate international students, and a one-day orientation for our new international graduate students.

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