A K1 declaration is a letter showing the fiancé visa applicants’ intent to marry within 90 days after arrival in the United States. The intention to marry letter is part of the K1 visa application and is filed with Form I 129F Petition for Alien fiancé.

The letter of intent to marry shows that the couple is in a bonafide relationship resulting in marriage. It is proof that the K1 visa application does not seek to circumvent immigration laws.

Requirements for the K1 Visa

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requires the following information as part of the K1 petitioner’s application:

  • Proof of an in-person meeting. The foreign citizen and alien fiancé petitioner must have met in person within two years before the date of filing the petition. There are exceptions to this requirement, but we recommend the assistance of an attorney that upholds attorney client relationship.
  • Show intent to marry. The sponsoring petitioner and his/her immigrant fiancé must show that they intend to marry within 90 days after K1 classification and successful entry to the United States.
  • Demonstrate a bona fide relationship. Due to many cases of immigration fraud, USCIS requires the couple to provide proof of a good-faith relationship.

The USCIS government agency will assess your K1 visa eligibility based on these metrics.

What is the purpose of a K1 declaration?

Marriage immigration fraud has been on the rise for a long time. After all, marriage to a U.S. citizen is the easiest route to expedite a green card application.

Therefore, your immigration application should tell a unique story of your relationship, backed up with evidence.

It’s not hard to find an intention to marry sample letter online. However, most are generic and omit crucial information.

How to write a K1 Declaration, Letter of Intention to Marry Letter?

A K1 declaration forms part of Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé, when applying for K1 classification.

Your letter of intent will show that:

  • You are engaged to be married
  • You intend to marry within 90 days of the foreign fiancé’s arrival in the U.S.
  • You have the legal ability to get married

The declaration is then attached to Form I-129f and mentioned under “Additional Information.”

Who are the parties in a K1 declaration?

The K1 declaration has two parties:

  • The petitioner
  • The beneficiary

You should submit a petitioner and a fiancé letter of intent to build a strong case with immigration services.

Include evidence in your K1 visa declaration

You should corroborate your letter of intent. Include evidence that proves that your account is a statement of facts. The evidence is filed with Form I-129F.

You can use the following as evidence (if applicable):

  • Receipts showing you booked a wedding venue
  • Proof of booking a catering team for your wedding
  • Contracts with wedding planners
  • Evidence of honeymoon plans

A USCIS officer might not ask for this information, and a K1 declaration is generally enough.

What should I include in my K1 declaration?

A K1 declaration’s primary purpose is to show you have a bonafide relationship with your partner. Ensure that it documents the following:

  • Briefly share how you met
  • Describe your in-person meetings. Provide the details, dates, and locations.
  • Explain the circumstances that led to your relationship
  • Pledge that you are legally able and willing to marry within 90 days after entry into the U.S.

Also, it is a legal requirement to have your signature on the declaration form.

How to Fill Your K1 Declaration: Letter of Intent to Marry?

You can fill out your letter of intent to marry in these easy steps:

Step 1: Addresses and the subject

Include your address and the USCIS address where you’ll send the letter of intent.

Also, mention the subject and specify that it is regarding Form I-129F, Petition for alien fiancé.

Step 2: Names of K1 parties and contact information

The letter should show the name of the U.S. citizen petitioner and the beneficiary. Also, include addresses and your current phone number.

Step 3: The Statement of Intent

Next, write the statement pledging to marry within 90 days of K1 classification and arrival in the United States. It should include a “To Whom It May Concern.”

Step 4: Relevant Attachments

Include relevant evidence of your plans to marry to corroborate the statement. Use receipts, contracts, and sample wedding invitations.

Step 5: Conclusion

State your closing remarks. Thank USCIS for their consideration, and invite any further questions about your K1 petition.

Step 6: Sign Off

Append your signature with the day’s date and print name.

Where to send?

For standard mail:

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
P.O. Box 660151
Dallas, TX 75266

For express mail and courier deliveries

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
Attn: I-129F
2501 South State Highway 121 Business
Suite 400
Lewisville, TX 75067

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