Local USCIS Office in Alabama

Local USCIS Office in Alabama

Over 505,000 immediate relatives of U.S. citizens received a green card in 2019 (Statista). All non-asylum-seeking immigrants are processed by the citizenship and immigration services (USCIS).

The field offices of the federal agency perform the important duty of conducting in-person interviews and helping applicants with case-related information and communications. Anyone looking for this guidance may visit by making an appointment.

For the steps before the submission of your application, the USCIS site is the most helpful resource. Firstly, the site informs you about all the basic topics related to immigration such as green cards, citizenship, laws, and procedures. Secondly, the site has everything from forms available for online submission to submission fees and available payment methods.

The Alabama Field Office

The USCIS has created the system of Regions and Districts for its field office locations. There are a total of four regions and 26 districts. The state of Alabama does not have one of these Districts, and it’s served by the Atlanta field office, located in the Southeast Region and Atlanta District, at the address given below:

Atlanta (ATL) 2150 Parklake Drive NE Atlanta, GA 30345

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The field location serves the entire State of Alabama. The latest location information is available on the federal agency’s website.

Case Processing Times

The USCIS regularly updates its site with the latest processing times. Here are the times it currently has for the naturalization and citizenship forms at the Atlanta field office:

  • N-600 (Certificate of Citizenship): 6 to 15 months
  • N-600K (Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate): 10 to 23.5 months
  • N-400 (Naturalization): 12 to 20 months

Note that these times don’t show how long it takes to process all of the cases. The 15 months given for the N-600, for instance, is the duration for 93% of the applications, as is the case with the other two forms. Also, the agency uses another format – their traditional format – for many types of forms. In this system, there’s an upper time limit of 130% of the processing time.

For form types that aren’t available in the processing times menu, the USCIS aims to process cases within six months. According to the agency, they are actively processing your case if you have done the following in the last 60 days:

  • Received a notice about your case
  • Replied to a request for evidence, or
  • Received an online case status update

Receipt Notice

The receipt notice you get from the USCIS has several important pieces of information you need to follow in your case.

Receipt Number: One of the things mentioned on the notice is the Receipt Number. This 13-character enables you to follow the progress of your case online with the case tracker tool. The provided info is the same as the info given by the USCIS Contact Center.

Receipt Date: The Receipt Date is a useful piece of information in case of a delay in processing. You can submit an e-request for case delay if this date comes before the “Receipt date for a case inquiry.” For every form type and location, the agency provides this case inquiry date. You can find it by scrolling down on the processing times page.

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