Local USCIS Office in Fort Myers, Florida

Local USCIS Office in Fort Myers, Florida

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has field offices in various parts of the country. These offices are the venue for interviews of applicants, citizenship ceremonies, and other in-person services.

The network of USCIS offices is divided into four regions – West, Northeast, Southeast, and Central – and 26 Districts. There is usually more than one field office in a district.

The Fort Myers Field Office

The Fort Meyers field office is present at the following location:

Ft. Myers (OFM) 4220 Executive Circle Suite 1 Fort Myers, FL 33916

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To visit the USCIS office, you will first need to make an appointment. Appointment scheduling and rescheduling services are available through the agency’s phone service at 800-375-5283.

Case Processing Times

Information about case processing times is available on the USCIS site for various applications. You can find the processing time by providing your application type and field office location. Here are the processing times for naturalization and citizenship applications at the Fort Meyers office:

  • Naturalization (N-400): 8 months to 13 months
  • Certificate of Citizenship (N-600): 6.5 months to 16 months
  • Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322 (N-600K): 6.5 months to 25.5 months

Note that these times indicate how long it takes to process the majority of the cases. The case of some applicants may take longer than the shown time.

Outside Normal Processing Time

The processing times provided by USCIS are based on historical data. For each form type, the agency also provides a date for case inquiry (on the same page as the processing time). If your “Receipt Date” comes earlier than the case inquiry date, then your case is outside the normal processing duration. In this case, you can obtain information by submitting a request it online.

Self-Service Tools

The USCIS encourages you to use their official website. The site covers topics like immigration options, citizenship, and green card in detail. There’s also a section containing how-to guides and the procedures before and after filing. Besides this information, the site also has different self-service tools, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Immigration options tool: This tool takes your current status (citizen, non-citizen, etc.) and your goal (work, citizenship, etc.) to show the options for U.S. immigration you may have.
  • Case status checker: This tool helps you track the progress of your application, request, or petition. It asks for your 13-character Recipient Number.
  • Online application: The USCIS online filing system enables you to file many different forms. At present, these form types include N-600, N-600K, N-400, N-565, N-336, I-765, I-539, I-130, I-90, G-639, and AR-11. Visit the following page for more information.

Visiting Guidelines

Besides making an appointment, there are also some other guidelines for visiting a field office. For instance, it’s against policy to record a video or audio or take a photo inside the office. (Exception to this policy is a naturalization ceremony). Also, federal law does not allow weapons inside the office, even if you have a permit for that weapon. The timings are also something to check beforehand – office timings may be different on that day because of an unusual or unexpected event.

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