Local USCIS Office in Hialeah, Florida

Local USCIS Office in Hialeah, Florida

The U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) arranges interviews of all immigrants, except asylum seekers. These interviews are typically held in field offices located inside and outside the U.S.

To visit a field office you have to make an appointment. The procedure for making an appointment depends on your location. For instance, if you’re inside the U.S. and looking to visit a domestic office, you can no longer use the online InfoPass system. You can make the appointment by calling the contact center (800) 375-5283.

USCIS field offices also provide information and services but they provide most of the information and services through their official website.

The Hialeah Field Office

The USCIS has divided the country into Regions and Districts. It has divided the state of Florida into 2 Districts: Miami and Tampa. The Hialeah Field Office is located in the Miami District at the following address:

Hialeah (HIA) 5880 NW 183rd Street Hialeah, FL 33015

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The Miami district also has several other field offices, so it’s important to know which area is served by the office in your city. The USCIS Hialeah office serves the following areas:

  • Broward County (Eastern part)
  • Miami-Dade County (Northern part)

Visiting Guidelines

Before visiting any field office make sure that you know about their timings and if they are open on the day of your appointment. You can find this information on the following page.

According to the USCIS, the size of the offices is small so “only the people who need to attend should come.” In case you need help with understanding the interviewer, you should arrange for an interpreter who can help you via phone.

If you need disability accommodation for the appointment, you can request it from the following page. The application is a form you fill and submit online.

The federal agency also recommends that you come only 15 minutes before your appointment. Also, if you’re late for the appointment, then you’ll have to reschedule, which you can do by calling the contact center. There are no charges for making appointments.

Case Processing Time

The USCIS considers historical data when deciding on processing times. You can find out the processing times at the Hialeah office using the following tool.

  • Naturalization (N-400): 6.5 months to 13 months
  • Certificate of Citizenship (N-600): 6 months to 16 months
  • Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322 (N-600K): 6.5 months to 25.5 months

Besides giving processing times, the USCIS also gives you the specific date for inquiring about your case. You can find this date on the same page as the processing time as the receipt date for the case inquiry. You can submit a delay in processing request if the date on your notice comes before the inquiry date.

Besides processing times, the USCIS site also has other tools. There’s a tool that allows you to explore your immigration options based on your status and goals. There’s also a tool for the status of your application. In terms of resources, you have a citizenship corner and a multilingual resource.

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