Local USCIS Office in Imperial, California

Local USCIS Office in Imperial, California

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) field offices present across the country and territories provide the following services:

  • Applicant interviews (for all applicant except not seeking asylum)
  • Naturalization ceremonies
  • Information and other services that supplement the ones available through phone and the USCIS website

The USCIS’s network of field offices is divided into 26 districts. Many districts have multiple field offices, with each location serving one or more counties.

The Imperial Field Office

The office is open to residents of Imperial County and it’s located at:

509 Industry Way Imperial, CA 92251

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Information for Visitors

Before visiting a field office, it’s useful to understand the policies for visitors USCIS has in place.

  • Firstly, visitors shouldn’t go to the office without making an appointment. This is true for all field offices.
  • Secondly, the timings given for the office may change because of an unexpected event. The following page on the USCIS site provides information about changes in work hours and office closures.
  • Thirdly, there are certain things that are prohibited. For instance, you cannot use your phone or any other equipment to record or photograph something inside the office. Photography and recording are only allowed during naturalization ceremonies. Another thing that you are prohibited to do is carry firearms into an office even if you have a permit for that firearm. Similarly, knives, ammunition, and pepper spray are not allowed.
  • Finally, you can provide feedback and complain about any mistreatment. You can provide feedback on the location by talking with a supervisor or the director. If you are a victim of waste, fraud, or abuse, you can contact the dept. of homeland security. (The USCIS comes under the dept. of homeland security).

Case Processing Times

  • Certificate of Citizenship (N-600): 7.5 months to 16 months
  • Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322 (N-600K): 8 months to 23.5 months
  • Naturalization (N-400): 12.5 months to 17.5 months

Case processing is done in the order the applications are received. The USCIS is doing a pilot in which they are giving a time range for the processing time for many application forms. For forms that are not part of the pilot, the old method is still in use.

An important thing to remember about case processing is that part of the processing work may be forwarded to another office. The purpose of this transfer is that applications may be processed faster by doing this transfer. If this is the case with your application, you may receive a notification for an interview from another office.

Rescheduling of Appointments

The USCIS man reschedules your appointment if you show that you weren’t able to attend because of bad weather. If the office where you’re scheduled to go for the interview is closed, your interview will be rescheduled automatically ASAP. If you scheduled an InfoPass or another meeting and cannot appear because of office closure, you must reschedule yourself ASAP.

Appointment Accommodation

If you need a disability accommodation, you can submit an e-Request for it from the following page.

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